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  1. If you switch from feeding/watering every second day to every day in coco (3gal fabric pots) during flower cuz pots getting lighter now everyday..(week 2 flower). Do I need to lower ppms? Was feeding 900ppm every second day and plan to go up throughout flower to maybe 1200ppm.. Should I feed everyday at 900ppm or start lower.. Or try 900 and see how plants react... I've heard of guys feeding as much as 1800ppm a day but break it down to 600ppm x3 feedings a day.
  2. 1200ppm seems more than necessary to me. I never went over 1300ec in coco/perlite, which is only like 650ppm, and I got a pound of top notch bud off my first try. Also, I've never heard of anybody splitting the ppms when doing more feedings per day. It's not like adding 900ppm on top of 900ppm will add up to 1800. The strength of the nutrients suspended in the coco actually goes down with increased frequency, since it has less time to dry and condense in the medium.

    Anyway, I don't think you need to increase ppm at all. If they're happy at 900, I would think that's plenty. If you do increase, do it slowly and watch for nute burn.

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  3. That's what I was thinking. Thanks. I just switched to green planets 3 part nutes and calmag+, following the feed chart and diluting to 900ppm as it mixes at like 2200ppm when chart says about 900... Don't get that.. Anyways I was only using Advanced nutes micro grow bloom and calmag+ and recently green planets massive in different ratios calculated to get the right npk ratio and realized I may be doing it wrong by cutting way down on micro and calmag as the npk ratio was like 2-1-3 with the ratios I was mixing of what I had.. So decided to get the GP 3part kit and follow a nutrient feed chart and just dilute to the right ppm. Three feedings and they are liking it and recovered from dark green and slight leaf tip burn at about 1050ppm
  4. You don't know it, but that's exactly how you're supposed to do it, lol. The feed charts are only there to give you correct ratios. Cutting it to the correct ppm is on you. I would guess it's a primary cause of over-feeding and why most people who don't buy meters just say "use half strength".

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  5. Read your runoff also, it will tell you if your plants are eating more nutes or water, for example say you do a runoff test the next day and it says 800 ppm, that means your plants need a watering next feed because they arent eating very much nutes, but the bet day you do a runoff test and it says 300 ppm, that means they are eating more nutes and you could prob tweak it a little bit and give them 1100 ppm, because a plant needs inbetween 500-700 ppm a day to be in the good zone, thats where they thrive the most

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  6. I've been wondering if I was doing it right!!
    Now, I have a question. Just switched to 6/9. However, I used 2/3, is that OK? I diluted it to 600ppm. Fed twice and I'm getting nute burn
  7. It's the same ratio. That's fine. In coco/perlite, during flower, you should be feeding to runoff twice or more per day or you risk nute burn. You should also be measuring your runoff. If it's significantly higher ppm than what goes in, you need to increase frequency. I know it sounds backwards, but it's the way it works with coco. I fed six times a day late in flower. That's not really feasible by hand, unfortunately. In a three gallon pot, you might have to try your best to feed three times per day. 600ppm seems pretty spot on for where you're at.

    Measure your runoff and report back. You were feeding at 900ppm before, which seemed high to me. Wouldn't surprise me if your runoff ppms are well above 1000 if you have only been feeding once a day or every other before. Coco dries really fast. As it dries, it leaves behind the salts that were previously dissolved in the water. If it's left to dry too long, a re-introduction of moisture will cause the ppms in the root area to spike. Feeding frequently is like a mini flush and replenishment. The more often you feed, the less chance you have to get nute burn. Always feed to runoff. Never use plain water except final flush.

    Good luck.

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  8. Thank you!!
    Ok. I think you have me and another guy, like combined in that answer. I only posted once.
    Anyway I was feeding real heavy, but they weren't getting burn at high ppms. However, I did start to get some lock out. I was uncomfortable at those ppms, was just seeing..... So I flushed back down to 550-600 ppms and started the 2/3... In a days time, they looked great again!! On the second day, today, after the first feeding, this morning, later in the day, I see nute burn.
    (I feed twice a day in 3 gallon pots, once a day in the 5 gallon. Starting twice a day in the 5 gallon tomorrow)....
    Can't understand the burn.. Maybe,still some salt left from the flush?
  9. My bad, I thought you were the OP, lol. Not sure on the nute burn. It's possible you had some hot spots out of the way of well used water channels in the coco that were staying kinda dry, and then spiked once you went to multiple times a day. That's a wild guess though.

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  10. Thanks again for your insight.
    They are looking good. No longer showing the deficiencies. Just the burn on the very tips, and it hasn't gotten worst. So, hopefully we're past that.

    Best wishes to you all!!
  11. What happends if you dont check ppms and just raise up from 1/2 to a normal feeding? Im running mxibloom and flowerfuel. No issues with calcium so im loving the maxi. Running at 1/3 strength plants fine buds are building nice. Will raising the feed really do anything special. Guess id have to do a side byside maybe

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  12. I never went above 1300ec in my last grow and the quality and quantity of bud exceeded expectations. That was about 2/3 the strength of the feed chart mix deep in flower. Earlier on, I was probably doing closer to 1/2 strength. It was my first grow, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I doubt going higher would have given better results.

    I really don't get why people put off buying a meter, especially doing coco/hydro. They're less than $20 and make things more or less fool proof.

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  13. I have a ph meter and feed daily i do wish this one did the ppms i have strips but i dont think im only feeding at 180ppm so its not right at all. If the medium starts to dry out to much yes i might get burnt. Im just going higher right now due to sour deisel wating higher nutes in early flower. But ill reduce in a week then reduce again then cut them off and flush for close to 2 weeks or longer if i dont time it right.

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