Feeding plants in the 7th day help

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  1. Hello everyone.
    I feed my plants today and after few hours they not look okay. Help please
  2. Any help?????
  3. pics is good

    if not pour 3 times the pot volume of air temp ph'ed water thru the pot

    leave to drain overnight or 8 hours in a dim spot

  4. after feeding the plants can sometimes droop a little. is that what you mean?
  5. Exactly
  6. If you've just fed it and it's droopy the last thing you want to do is give it more water. You need to leave it alone until the pot dries out now. If you have a fan blowing a lite gentle breeze across it that will help it dry out faster. One of the biggest rookie mistakes is just not walking away from the plant and letting it do it's thing enough. You get OCD and think that you always have to be giving it attention. It's a weed.

    You didn't give out near enough info for anyone to give you real help. What medium is the plant in? What light is it under? What are the temps? What did you feed the plant in what concentration per gallon? What is the ph of your feed water? What size pot is it in? Pictures can answer many questions for people as save lots of time in threads like this. It goes without saying that your verbal description of what the plant is doing is not going to be as good as a picture. Many plant conditions can mimic others and problems can be hard to diagnose. People need the best input to help you.
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