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    This is my first time grow ever, at this time my plants are already 4 wks
    old outdoor grow. I can't remember where I red an article about feeding
    plants with Aloe vera juice. Here I'm being experienmental and stupid
    so the other day i cut a piece of aloe vera plant and feed the juice of it
    to 3 of my plants. Today I checked to see how the MJ looks it has some
    yellow spots on the leafs. and the other plant looks like the leaf was dissolve
    by acid or something. I'm guessin there's too much good nutrients and vitamins
    in the aloe vera itself. Does anyone have similar experience, any answer would
    be appreciated Cheers:eek:

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  2. I've never heard of anyone doing that before. If you suspect it causes problems, stop
    doing it immediately. I wouldn't recommend continuing it anyways.

    Nice idea though.. If you can find that article, I'd like to read it myself!

    BTW..I Lived in Darwin for awhile back in 96.. Love it down there! Cheers!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
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  3. Thanks for the words up experimentalist ;) yeah I'm gonna stop doin
    it since she's not happy bout it , I live in Sydney never been to Darwin
    I also lived in the states for awhile just return recently I really can't
    wait to go back to the A town :D
  4. I dunno man, from your photos it looks like it might be some kind of fertilizer related
    problem, maybe potassium deficiency? Are you feeding it anything?

    It could be a bug or something native to the area as well.. you don't see anything crawling
    on the leaves or underneath them?

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  5. But Greenash was commenting on how the spots occured AFTER the AV juice was put onto it, right?? Or were they there prior GreenAsh??

    Possibly too much nutrients though I've never heard problems about a plant having too much nutrients....
  6. well now you have and you'll hear it a whole lot more
    If you give them too many nutrients you'll Nutrient Burn the plant
    they have a limit and if you pass it they will die, no joke

    plus Aloe is for skin. i dont think it has any benefit at all being used on a plant so like the former comment stated, stop using it

  7. Ok, There is one thing I know that is plants. The article might have been talking about aloe vera juice..........not sqeezing snotty jelly from a leaf. Here is some news, parts of the leaf.... not the inner filet in which aloe vera juice is derived from, is hazardous! So don't ever eat a leaf and don't ever make your own aloe vera juice. I know you can buy it buy the gallon in some stores in the pharmacy isle. Basically by bathing your bud in aloe you burned the shit out if it. It has nothing to do with an injection of to much nutrients, that is if aloe even has nutrients that are readily compatible for root uptake.
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    Are you sure the plants in those photos are "4 weeks old"? They look awfully small for 4 weeks. Mine ALWAYS get to that size in the first week (indoor),

    Also, I have never heard of feeding aloe vera to cannabis before, but I do squeeze out some gel from an aloe vera leaf tip onto areas of my plants when I trim the lower branches when lollipopping and the slow down in growth associated with stress from that is shortened by 1-2 days.

    I had never heard or read about this anywhere, but thought it made sense and tried it out as an experiment on 3 of my 6. The 3 which I had used aloe vera gel on areas where I pruned began to grow again in 1-2 days as opposed to the 3-4 days the other 3 plants took to resume growing. The healing and restoring properties of aloe vera obviously extend to plant life as well, at least, evidentally, with cannabis.
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  9. Lol Aloe vera of course has many uses for your plant. The key is to keep it organic and not get Aloe with perservatives in htere. Potassium sorbate, citric acid, or salt (sodium) are the good ones, all the others are bad i believe. keep it refrigerated if you buy a brand like lily of the desert, after opening. If you use raw aloe leaf, squeeze the gel into a glass jar, add a pinch of citric acid to stop the fermentation, shake it up if you add any oils (neem, karanja or whatever oil) into your solution (for saponins). Aloe can be foliar fed (do it right at lights out to prevent it breaking down quickly in the light). spray the undersides of the leaves. Then soil drench the rest. It has many benefits, including salyclic acid (sp wrong), which is a natural rooting hormone, vitamins, enzymes, plant growth regulators, systemic aquired resistance... anti microbial properties... etc....
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  10. As mentioned by others here, I would NOT recommend feeding aloe vera to your plants, however, I cannot say for sure that it may cause harm to your plants, but I would tend to think so. Your plants appear to be short on N (nitrogen), and at that height for 4 weeks, they are definitely growing very poorly. I suspect it could be (less than great) genetics, what appears to be poor soil, or possibly insufficient lighting, although I don't know what type of lighting you had used as you made no mention of it.

    Sorry for bumping such an old thread. Just noticed the date as I typed this.

  11. Lol. I noticed. So..... were you searching aloe for plants? and it came up
  12. nothing is wrong with consuming aloes....what are you talking about??
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  13. Aloe has many benefits to plants. So those saying they would never use it- look it up and you may find it interesting. One of the things it helps is root development. It is fantastic for rooting clones. I give my plants aloe, silica, and coconut water about every week during veg/early flower. If you get some organic aloe powder, you can make your own pure aloe juice. All it takes is 1/4 tsp or so per gallon of water. Using a leaf the way you did, I don't know if that's right or wrong so I can't really comment there. I would suggest next time trying to either use the powder or buy some pre-mixed organic aloe juice with no additives and add 1/4 cup of pure aloe juice per gallon of water.
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    I germanated a seed and put it at the base of my aloe. It is 3x the size of my other 2 plants. All 3 are just now growing thier first set of Real Leaves (first set with 5+ fingers) but the ones in just dirt are about 4 inches and the one being raised by the aloe is almost 10 inches with big healthy leaves. Im wondering if maybe i could use this method to create a new strain if i bred her and grew a couple generations out of aloe plants.

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  15. Hi Alowanna,
    I would like to ask you how about your plant growing in aloe. DId it came to a good end? Did you notice something especial?
    Thank you! :)

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