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  1. So from all that ive read your supposed to water every other watering but heres my dilemma. I currently have 3 females that are 4 weeks into flowering growing in promix, they are in a 3x3 tent under a 600w and get watered every 3rd day. Ive been feeding full strength nutes every watering and the ladies love it, buds growing nicely and leaves all look good. My question is there any reason i should stop feeding them every watering?
  2. I don't think there is a problem if they aren't showing signs of burning. I'm new but from what I've learned u use just water for nute burn and taste at the end of flowering.
  3. That's kind of my thought process as well, i use the plants to tell me what they need. I will make sure they get a good flush at the end of flowering so the taste is great.
  4. The alternating watering schedule is meant to prevent salt build ups, which will create a lockout. If you don't have problems, it isn't neccessary as far as I know. Flush it of course at the end though.
  5. Thanks for all the help folks, since help folks. So since this will be my first successful grow a question about leaching, do you guys suggest one of the flushing solutions or just phd water, also would you cut out cal mag and bud candy as well or just the bloom nutes, using ro water.
  6. I flush mine with RO water and a trace amount Epsom salts on the first flush, followed by 3 RO flushes to the finish.

    When it comes to in-between feedings I normally water every third time with RO, then two more feedings following that. Then repeat that cycle up until the final 2 weeks of so.

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