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  1. Here are my sad clones. If I pull gently, they hold fast. I assume they rooted. Now what? Regular feedings? I’ve been giving them week 1 veg level nutrients.

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    Looks like flowering Cuts ? You can always partially dissect one to see what you actually have or just light them up and see if they live or die. I Clone in 1 1/2 inch rock wool cubes so you can see when they hit.

  3. It is normal enough for my clones to get really scruffy looking as they root. When they start with new growth you can chop off all the damaged stuff left from the cloning process.

  4. Thanks I’ll try! Yes the mother is a BBK and it was newly into flower. Prob not the best idea. Okay I’ll try. What strength nutes?
  5. if anything a little nitrogen but go easy make sure your ph is good
  6. Oh thanks! I was probably giving them too much.
  7. after second look you are going to have what is known as monster clones not to be confused with monster cropping i have had really really good results in the past they just take a little longer and grow really funky / bushy read up on the subject it is because you took them in flower the whole plant structure changes and dont be afraid to do some scissor work on them and some LST
  8. Oh no. I’ve had this before I think. One time I had the light timer switch to 12h. The only way I noticed it was when it started growing pistils. So I switched back to 18h and it was growing what looked like slender fan leaves. Almost shoots. Same thing? Will the plant be okay?
  9. yes
  10. That was ugly. And lots of work. Ugh
  11. I haven’t found much on the topic. Monster clones? Only monster cropping pops up
  12. its out there i have done it myself what week of flower did you take the cuttings?
  13. 2-3. They’re growing nicely now! Will update with pics
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  14. They are growing. Should I let them go, or be trimming them?

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