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  1. Hey all

    My first time growing. I just flipped 3 white widows into flower. Since I switched from synthetic to organic nutrient, I’ve seen some incredible progress. I am just wondering what I should add or remove from my teas and watering.

    I am feeding every 3-4 days depending on soil moisture.

    I do a schedule 3 normal feedings and then 1 tea.

    In the feeding I am just using the following:

    6L of water
    1tsp of molasses
    3 ounces of liquid seaweed
    And some cal/mag based on suggested amounts

    pH is down to 6.7

    On my tea feeding I am using all of the above plus the following:

    1 cup of earthworm castings
    1/2 cup of alfalfa meal

    The local head shop convinced my wife to buy some Superfly Insect Frass (3-2-4) and Mineralized Phosphate (0-13-1) but I haven’t used it yet.

    I just flipped to flower from veg so I haven’t changed anything yet. Can anyone add anything that they think I should use or anything you think I should remove.
  2. Stop using the Alfalfa meal now that flower as started. And prolly shouldn’t be buying gardening amendments from a headshop. Would stick to legit gardening stores or websites like Buildasoil.com I’m sure it would be cheaper.

    What kinda soil are you using? If it has Calcium already in it, can throw away the cal/mag as this will cause long term problems in organic soil along with it not being organic. Earth worm castings have a good bit of cal, insect suppression, PH buffering, growth hormones. High quality EWC is THEE most important part of any soil mix and compost tea making.

    Would save the molasses for weeks 4-7 of flower as this is when the plant is going to start exchanging less sugars with the microbiology in the soil for food. It’s a nice way to keep the plant going full blast through flower, and then for weeks 8 & 9 it’s just plain water as the plant ripens and finishes out.

    The Frass I would use in veg and the Phos I would use sparingly at the beginning of flower, a tsp or two top dress around the plant.

    Overall it sounds like you’re on the right track!!

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