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  1. Hey I have a new song up called Pandora's Music Box. It's chill electronica.

    Let me know what you guys think (good and bad)!
  2. this is great stuff man. I wish i kept my myspace account just so i could download these tracks.
  3. hey thanks man! that means a lot
  4. ya man I like it a lot, I do things very similar to this... I do more of a trance set tho.

    keep it up ur good man. Fruitylopps?

    ps I go to school in rockymount its like 40 minutes away from raleigh.. any crazy bud int he area?
  5. Hey thanks man! I'd definitely like to hear some of your stuff. I actually use Reason 4..

    Raleigh is actually really dry right now. i have hook ups to pretty decent beasters, but headies not so much these past couple weeks. my friend used to get like a pound of different kind of headies every week and he'd front me half Os for 200 and Os for 400 like real prime stuff but his connect moved away so now there are only really crappy headies going around that is not even worth 60.. whats the situation like up in rocky mount?
  6. well its an extremely shitty school called north carolina wesleyan. I was a fuckup grade wise in highschool so the only reason I go there is for soccer. We are #1 in the coutnry for d3, we beat the shit outta nc state.
    so basically, buncha kids that look up to weezy and juelz and think they hustle sellin dubs of the shittiest weed i've ever seen... and everyone sells it, you can go to any room in the dorms its 2000 kids who smoke all day haha. Richmond is where I was born so i'm here right now, I come down there august 17th for preseason . I can get some nice headies up here ever now and then and a lot of beast, sounds like we are in the same boat.

    Rocky Mount is the worst city in the world hahaha
  7. hmm i've listened to alot of your stuff before, but this one is my personal favorite so far, very relaxing, nice to chill to.
  8. makes me sleepy, in a good way :)

  9. wtf? raleigh theodore sakers sells? hook me up

    btw i like you're music

  10. yeah I am so tired of lil wayne too. for a bit that was what everyone was listening to all the time. Well not really everyone, just the people whose realities are dictated by mtv and the like (or any media), which is most people. I've been through richmond on my way to DC before but other than that I don't really know much about it. It seems like a really phat city.. but rocky mount's not the worst city in the world; Cary is!

    luckily for me i haven't had to smoke reg/mids for at least two years. i think i've heard of wesleyan actually. I think a few kids from my high school went there

    -- and thanks to everyone who took the time to listen and comment!
  11. cool, i like it :smoking:

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