Feedback on my plants please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by grasscity212, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. This is my first grow it's about 3 weeks does it look? And what should I be doing at this point

  2. Separate the plants. They are going to get root bound and die. They need individual pots. They look like they are healthy and doing great tough. Looks like you might have a slight deficiency also. They are starting to yellow. Using nutes yet? If not I would start.
  3. Seperate'em into their own pots. Looks like you have one little that could go into a pot with one of the bigger ones just to save floor space. If your not moving to a bigger space I would suggest you flip'em to 12/12 now and start feeding them a bloom fertilizer. Over all they look happy! Good job!!!
  4. There in a 2 foot grow box not much space to separate any suggestions

  5. in a few weeks when they need it, you can add more soil to the surface to feed your plants, a type highly rich in humic matter will work perfect.

    i wish i had a picture of the manure pile's hoarded around my neighbirhood in a private zoo. They are massive mounds of pure gold! lol

  6. Don't sweat separating them then....but get'em on 12 hours NOW if that is the extent of your grow space. Your gonna fill that little box up already!!

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