feedback on my blunt please

Discussion in 'General' started by GnomeCourtSesh, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. wow that thing is like almost perfect i really can think of any complaints i have

    did you put this up just so that we would praise you?
  2. looks pretty fat, but short
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    it looks like an pretty good blunt, not amazing but not bad at all either man

  4. haha i just rolled it and i wass like wow, this is the greatest i have eever rolled, lemme just chekc witht the blades of grass city right quick and see what they think

    its burnin sooooo slow right now, its awesome, theres 3 g's in it
  5. That looks pretty good to me.

    Ive rolled a perfect looking blunt before and i was like "damn, did i just roll that??"
    My rolling skills arent that great, i just started rolling blunts like 2 weeks ago, ive always had someone else roll them or use a pipe or joint....but im getting better
  6. can anyone say CHOPPER?????:yummy:
  7. Nice cigar hahaha

    Joking man that blunt is museum worthy!:hello:
  8. Interesting.

    I smell Troll.

    This same blunt was posted in a thread like a week or 2 again.

    Im not sure if your tryin to get free rep or anything, but stealings peoples pictures and calling them your own isnt the way to do it.
  9. o he got some rep alright :D
  10. You remember seein this shit suburban?
  11. hmm that was posted just yesterday, i swear ive seen this from at least a week ago. IDk.
  12. that is fat man! sweet
  13. some guys like smokin chodes :hide:
  14. haha ya i posted it in the recreational thread i think, but i realized it was in the wrong place so a made a new one...not sure how to delete hte other one tho?
  15. Nah, I think Rec would be the right place to post something like this... Or I could be wrong.
  16. i could have sworn that this pic was posted like last week.
  17. Exactly what i said haha.
  18. looks pretty. only 1 question though. How did it smoke?

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