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  1. Hey all,
    I need to get a couple of options for dry herb vaporizers into my dispensary. I have the old school Vapor Bros model, but I’m sure there are more recent models that have better technology.
    I’d be looking for home based units and transportable versions.
    I see Puffco getting good reviews…
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  2. I use a small Stary 3.0. It easily fits in your pocket. Easy to clean,charge and I'm still on the same battery for around 3 years now. I have a few friends that use them and like them too. These things are pretty much indestructible. Great for patients looking to medicate.
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  3. [​IMG]

    about to say the Starry 3.0 is popping heads, cheap to at least in Eu at around $99
    a friends ordered one, only because hes really jealous of my dated DaVinci now Im considering
    XVAPE XMax Starry 3.0 Vaporizer
    The XVAPE XMax Starry 3.0 Vaporizer is a first class, pocket-size conduction vaporizer that offers similar features and is made of the same quality materials as other high end, more expensive vaporizer brands, only at half the cost. So why pay more, when you can get the same superior quality and flavor experience at a bargain price.

    The XMax Starry 3.0 Vaporizer is compatible for both herbs as well as waxy concentrates, so it is a great device to own if you like to switch this up every now and then. Its solid aluminum shell is equipped with features such as: full digital control, swappable battery, haptic feedback, dual cycle times, an oval ceramic heating chamber and a ceramic swivel mouthpiece.

    Its sophisticated exterior is powered by a powerful 2600mAh battery that heats up in around 25-35 seconds, depending on the chosen temperature. Turn on the device by pressing the power button three times in a row. The full digital control OLED screen offers a temperature range anywhere between 100°C-240°C (212°F - 464°F), allowing you to customize your vape session to seamlessly fit your personal preferences. The haptic feedback lets you know exactly when you are ready to go. The Starry features two cycle times: 5 or 10 minutes, this is also shown in the OLED display, to switch between cycles hold the + and the power button simultaneously for 2 seconds.

    The battery is removable, allowing you to replace batteries throughout the day, which makes it great for on the go for even the most frequent users. Simply pack an extra battery for on the road and switch batteries when empty. The device automatically shuts off to preserve battery life.

    Measuring just 11cm x 3.5 cm / 4.3 x 1.4 inches, the Starry vaporizer is the perfect size to slip into your pocket for a quick vape session on the go. By using a wax cup you to quickly alter between substances, which makes it the ideal vaporizer if you like the best of both worlds. The wax cup is not included with your purchase and has to be ordered separately. The XVAPE XMax Starry 3.0 Vaporizer is available in grey and black, pick your favorite one in the drop down menu when you place your order.

    What’s in the box:
    • 1 x XMax Starry Vaporizer
    • 1 x Cleaning brush
    • 1 x Packing tool
    • 1 x Metal mouthpiece screens
    • 2 x Heating chamber screens
    • 2 x Silicone mouthpiece caps
    • 2 x Mouthpiece Tip O-rings
    • 1 x USB charging cable
    • 1 x User manual
    • SKU: 697046412X
    • Brand: XVAPE
    • Category Asignments: Vaporizer
    • Type of Heating: Conduction
    • Compatibility: Dry herbs (flowers), Waxes/Concentrates/Oils
    • Heat-Up Time: 0-30 Seconds
    • Adjustable Temperature: Yes
    • Automatic Switch-Off: Yes
    • Replaceable Battery: Yes
    • Special Features: Electric
    • Color: Various
    • Height: 11 cm / 4.3 inches
    • Size:
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  4. My portable is the mighty but the POTV One does a good job at $99
    Desk top WAS a Volcano hybrid but a bad filling chamber design forced me to try a Flower pot B2 ball vape
    The Flower pot is the best device that I have tried ever

    A Puffco peak pro for portable and armchair concentrate vaping as well as their concentrate pen for outside use

    I use a dual PID E-nail set up for desk top vaporizing of concentrates
    Never tried a torch

    A nice versatile unit is the Ditanium
    Flavorful dry herb hits but combustion is possible
    Nice concentrate hits and does awesome double deckers as long as you don't combust the flower

    On the rare occasion I use a vape cartridge a Yocan twist is reliable and tough
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  5. I have The Mighty,
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  6. I recently purchased the portable XVAPE XLUX Roffu Vaporizer (convection) after doing a little research. I am completely satisfied. It has a quality feel. I am new to vaping and have nothing to compare it to. I didn't even know these things existed a month ago.
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  7. Wow!
    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll look into each of those.
    What’s a good starting temp for herb?
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  8. 180 c 354 f
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  9. I find 390 degrees works best with the vaporizer I use.
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  10. I am still experimenting. I originally used 380°F. The vapor was visible and slightly harsh (nothing like combustion). Now I prefer 330°F - 340°F. No visible vapor and no harshness and better aroma. It still gets me high, I just have to take a few more tokes. Sometimes I progress upwards with the temps. The lower temp seems to get all of the THC because after many tokes moving to 380°F yields little/nothing extra.
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  11. Hey TimJ.
    Best flavors are at lower temps, I always bump the temp up as I am vaping the weed, Just saying on how I use My Mighty .
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  12. I agree that we get better flavor at the lower temps. But, I feel I get higher quicker with the 390 temp on the Stary 3.0. Maybe it's more specific to the unit I'm using. I guess the best approach for a new user to vaping dry herb is to start low and work your way up. The Stary 3.0 also has a concentrates pad. But, I've never used it. I get plenty high with green plant matter.
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  13. I agree at lower temps better taste/flavor but not as strong of a hit.
    Vaping herb at lower temps there is not much vapor either .

    I vape everything with my mighty extracts and herb .
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    • Vaping Temperature Chart: The Complete Guide

    Want a quick, easy, and healthy way to consume the cannabis you need? Give vaping a try! But don’t just rush out and buy the first box that says “vape” on it. You may not be getting the right product.

    That’s because the temperature at which you “burn” your marijuana is almost as important as the strain you choose. But don’t worry—the experts at Honest Marijuana have created a vaping temperature chart so you can make sure you’re always getting exactly what you need.

    Along the way, we’ll also talk about:

    • Cannabinoids
    • How temperature affects cannabinoids
    • Why vape gear operates at lower temperatures
    • How to adjust temperature for specific effects
    We’ll also give you some general guidelines for vaping and suggest an ideal temperature for your vaping experience.

    But before we get to our vaping temperature chart and all those other goodies, let’s discuss the chemical makeup of cannabis. That way, you’ll know what’s going on inside your joint, bong, steamroller, or dab rig.

    Cannabis And Cannabinoids

    Cannabis is made up of 113 different chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids can occur in different concentrations based on the specific strain and how it’s grown.

    The most well-known cannabinoids are:

    These molecules are the stuff that gets you high, relieves your pain, and takes the edge off your anxiety. They do this by interacting with certain neurons in your brain (CB1 and CB2). In fact, your body produces its own cannabinoids (a.k.a. endocannabinoids) to affect mood and behavior.

    Yeah, that’s right. You’ve got cannabinoids in your body right now even if you haven’t imbibed your cup of weed tea yet. The thing is, the concentrations of these cannabinoids (that go by such names as anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol) are so low that they only have a very mild effect.

    But when you add more cannabinoids to the mix—through smoking, eating, or dabbing—the increased concentration activates more neurons than normal and you begin to feel the psychedelic or medicinal effects.

    Depending on the amount of each cannabinoid in your cannabis, you might feel one (or a few) of these effects:

    • Altered perception
    • Pain relief
    • Hunger
    • Increased energy
    • Decreased energy
    • Heightened creativity
    You can even use cannabinoids to help relieve such disorders as:

    • Schizophrenia
    • Psychosis
    • Epileptic disorders
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Cancer
    • Osteoporosis
    • Lupus
    • Diabetes
    • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
    • Parkinson’s disease
    • Chronic pain
    • Neuropathic pain
    Unfortunately, although these chemical compounds are present in your marijuana, you may not be getting as much of them as you think. This is because temperature has a profound effect on the various cannabinoid molecules.

    How Temperature Affects Cannabinoids

    When you light a match or flick your Bic, the flame produced is, at minimum, 600 ℉. That’s hot! So hot, in fact, that it’s actually destroying a portion of the cannabinoids in your pot. That’s bad!

    A normal flame can do so much damage because most cannabinoids begin to boil at half (or even a third) of that 600 ℉. Why is that such a bummer? Think of it this way.

    Let’s say you want to make a box of the tastiest mac & cheese on the planet (we won’t name names, but it’s in a blue box). The first step is to boil some water, so you put a pan on the stove and turn on the burner.

    But let’s say you get distracted (because you’re trippin’ balls) and forget all about the pot of water. What happens? The water eventually boils away, leaving you with no mac & cheese and a seriously scorched pan.

    The same thing happens when you immolate your weed. The high heat of the flame basically “boils off” a good portion of the cannabinoids. After that, you’re left with less of the good stuff you came for and some seriously scorched smoke (Harsh, man!).

    Temperature And Flavor

    Though cannabinoids get all the press, marijuana also contains other vital chemical compounds called terpenes (or terpenoids) and flavonoids. These molecules are largely responsible for the flavor of your ganja. But they can also have some unique physical effects as well.

    The thing is, terpenes and flavonoids also boil away at much lower temperatures than the 600 ℉ produced by an open flame. So not only are you losing out on some of the medicinal or psychedelic components of your cannabis, but you’re also losing out on some of the flavor.

    “Wait!” you cry. “I want my cannabis complete. What do I have to do to get all the cannabinoids and all the terpenes that my Blue Dream has to offer? Sell my soul to the devil?”

    Hold on there, Dr. Faust. You don’t have to do anything that drastic. Vaping is the answer.

    Vape Gear Operating Temperatures
    Vape gear, like vape pens and counter-top vaporizers, operates at much lower temperatures than your typical open flame. In fact, some vaporizers allow you to dial in exactly the temperature you want. This prevents the cannabinoids you need from literally going up in smoke.

    Vaping Temperature Chart
    The vaping temperature chart below will help you determine how high or low you should set your vape gear in order to get the cannabinoids and terpenes you need.


    So, for example, if you just want to get baked, you’re really only concerned with consuming as much THC as you can. But if you use an open flame from a lighter or a match, you’re applying more than double the heat necessary to turn the THC into vapor. That means you’re burning up a lot of the THC.

    With a vaporizer, you can set the temperature to 315 ℉ and transform every last drop of THC into a vapor you can inhale. But what about the CBD and the linalool and the CBN and the humulene that boil above 315 ℉? Do you need those? Yep, and here’s how to get ‘em.

    General Guidelines For Vaping
    As a general rule, setting your vape gear to a temperature above 392 ℉ provides more of the cannabinoids that affect your body. Setting your vape gear to a temperature below 392 ℉ provides more of the cannabinoids that affect your mind and consciousness.

    Want more than just higher and lower? Here’s a detailed breakdown.

    • 356 ℉ or lower = light mental medication (for anxiety, PTSD, and the like), best flavor
    • 356 ℉ to 392 ℉ = moderate body effects (psychedelia/couch lock), good flavor
    • 392 ℉ and up = heavy body effects, less flavor
    If that’s still not enough detail for you, in the next section we’ll show you how to adjust your vape gear for specific effects.

    How To Adjust Temperature For Specific Effects

    Every cannaseur is different. You’re no exception. If you’re looking for just the right temperature to get the best out of your bud, we suggest using the five basic categories below as a starting point.

    Experiment above and below the suggested ranges to see what makes you feel the best.

    1) Best Mind Trip
    For a truly consciousness-expanding mind trip, you want to get as much THC, CBD, myrcene, limonene, and β-caryophyllene as possible. To do this, set your vape gear to 360 ℉. That will vaporize just the right cannabinoids and terpenes without causing excessive couch lock.

    2) Best Flavor
    If you’re searching for the best flavor over everything else, set your vape gear to 350 ℉. That will provide a full and intense blast of flavor without the harsh, hack-inducing sting that often comes at higher temperatures.

    3) Best Energetic, Clear High
    If an energetic, clear high is what you’re searching for, set your vape gear to 356 ℉. This will ensure that you get as much CBD in your vapor as possible. CBD works to counteract the negative side effects of THC so you won’t feel anxious, paranoid, or heavy.

    4) Best Body High
    If you just wanna get stoned and make as deep an impression on your couch as possible, set your vaporizer to 392 ℉. It may seem counterintuitive, but this temperature maximizes the entourage effect to provide a truly righteous high.

    5) Best Medication
    CBD, CBN, and CBC play a vital role in the use of marijuana as medication. The terpenes linalool and humulene also have some essential medicinal effects that should not be discounted.

    To get the best medication from your Mary Jane, you want to go as high as possible without actually burning your bud. Set your vape gear at 430 ℉ to get all the good stuff without encroaching on the combustion temperature of 451 ℉.

    Ideal Temperature For Vaping
    If we had to choose one temperature as the ideal for vaping, we’d go with 410 ℉. It’s high enough that it vaporizes the most important cannabinoids and terpenes but low enough that it doesn’t completely destroy them in the process.

    Honestly, the ideal vaping temperature is largely based on personal preference. We suggest experimenting with 10-degree increments using the vaping temperature chart in this article as a guide.

    Keep a diary of your experiences, and if you hit a level of vaporization that you just don’t like, back it down by five degrees and try again. You’ll get to consume a lot of pot and, eventually, you’ll find exactly the right temperature for your needs.
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  15. for public use I use 315-325F (less smell less taste tho) for patio I use 350F
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  16. Both my sons have da Vinci's IQ2, expensive but very nice ,and well built . It's got a clear path air tube which makes for very clean, tasty vapours .
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  17. I would vape more often if I weren't so fond of bongs lol but I love my Arizer ArGo. Very easy to clean the tubes, just alcohol and Q tips and if I get lazy and let them go awhile, just soak 'em in alcohol overnight. Nice strong high and then put the AVB in a big bag of popcorn, good to go!!!
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  18. AVB on popcorn??
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  19. I've had herbed butter on popcorn,
    I'll have my boys save their avb:thumbsup:

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