"Feed": The most repulsive, utterly SICK movie ever.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by OldClassic517, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Let me start by saying i have seen almost every movie deemed scary, repulsive and utterly disturbing by the general public. With that said, not one of those movies made me cringe or have second thoughts about it, nor did I ponder on the notion that the shit shown in some of these movies actually happens.

    Yet somehow, a low budget film was able to make me puke several times(why i kept watchin defeats me). Gore is not a factor in this movie, nore is shock appeal. It is an exploitation of the "fat fetish" taken to levels so extreme that the girls literally eat themselves to death. This sounds funny, but the atmosphere, contrasting scenario's and surprisingly clever dialogue on the villians part makes you wonder what is "immoral" and moral.

    Besides that, i highly doubt anyone will ever find a movie more vile than "feed", or one that leaves you feeling queezy for days on end. Food is no longer appealing, even when high. I now eat healthy, hopefully this is just a phase but my fucking god. NEVER AGAIN.

    DO NOT WATCH FEED, unless you enjoy hating food and feeling hungover all the time.
  2. Yeah I saw it back when I was working at a video store, box looked interesting so I gave it a whirl... I really enjoyed it but then again I can be a sick fuck sometimes when it comes to the movies I watch
  3. sounds like a ripoff of se7en

  4. Just what I was thinking, the "gluttony" death.
  5. goddamn now you got me interested, but i know i shouldnt be.
  6. I want to watch it online but I can't seem to find it anywhere,
    oh well - I'd rent it but I have no money.
  7. Now that im not sick the stomach when thinking about this movie anymore, i can say it conveys a somewhat true message... those who want to find out see the movie!


    Society today has imprisioned us to constantly work so hard, feel like shit about ourselves to put out a physical image just so we aren't ridiculed. too not care about what society thinks about your choices is to literally be set free, which as stoners we can all relate too. HOWEVER, gaining weight to a point of death(literally) 700 fucking pounds is no way to stick it to the world.

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