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Feds watching me?

Discussion in 'Security' started by MattTheGrower, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. So I have it good suspicion that feds are watching me. I always see this black passat with tinted windows parked not too far from my house in an empty parking lot. I can see two individuals in the car. I also have a black suv with tinted windows across the street in a vacant house with tinted windows and two individuals in there. These cars have popped up within the last week and I have been seeing them almost everyday.

    wtf do I do?
  2. hire someone to take them out
  3. ditch your grow if you're that concerned. More than likely you're just overly paranoid. If you aren't a pussy go knock on the car windows and ask them what they are doing....tell them you are the neighborhood watch.
  4. Go up to their window, knock on it and be like "me and some of the nieghbors have noticed you sitting out here, and are starting to worry, what are you doing".. they will prbly say some shit like this is a high crime area if there cops.. and if i were you, id follow your gut and ditch you plants.. rather be safe then sorry ya know.

    but thats just what i would.. idk thats a sketch situation if you have a large op going man.. if its small, its prbly one of your neighbors
  5. lol what if its just the realtor for that empty house waiting on someone to come show it, who are the people sitting in the emply lot trying to find the house....hahahahahhaa
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    normally surveilance teams are trained to be covert and obscure. this includes NOT sitting in cars with tinted windows in vacant lots and unoccupied homes

    and surveillence is for "untouchable" folks like high level mobsters and such. if they want to bust your ass for selling a couple lbs they are gonna just do street rips and buy-busts untill they get someone to drop dime on you. then have the person who dimed you out grab another sack of buds off you....Now they have their cannon fodder for court

    my advice is to start taking hostages. the younger the better. ooooo i know!.. barracade yourself into a daycare or a preschool. they wont fuck with you then...they'll just pack up and go home...works every time

    i just read everyone saying to ditch your grow......yet no one suggested this guy lawyer up.... if you are being watched then the gig is up....they already know what your doing and simply need more evidence to strengthen their case.... GET A LAWYER
  7. Document the situation -- create a log and write down the date and time(s) you noticed each vehicle. Continue this. Take some photos discreetly. Then call your local police and report as suspicious activity, let your neighborhood cops knock on their window rather than do it yourself.
  8. Yeah bro, your like public enemy....

    you got the feds at your door but got time to blog on grasscity....

  9. run nukka, run!!!!!
  10. if you go to jail can i have your weed? or like a winter jacket or something....its cold here
  11. How long are they in the car for?
  12. I think your paranoid bro
  13. Probably paranoid, but you can see some serious fines and whatnot if you do not close up shop and you are being viewed. Know of anything else going on on the street? What's your foot traffic like(non existent I would fathom)
  14. 1: Get a 6 ft empty cardboard box.

    2: Near the bottom cut eye holes.

    3: Just above the eye holes cut a hole that can fit a camera lens.

    4: Turn box upside down so the open side is on the floor.

    5: Stick a bunch of leaves to it so it resembles a square garden hedge.

    6: Hop in your box, have your camera ready then Fred Flinstone your way over to the van.

    7: Take a few snaps, if it's feds you'll soon find out.
  15. You PC might be infected, and some carder has been carding stuff but using you as a proxy! Money Fraud! Gotta love malware..

    Paranoid bro.
  16. Dude, chill you are over reacting.Do some recon, check em out.It's your neighborhood, you have every right to ask em WTF???
  17. grab some binoculars and a chair go to the front window and sit down and stare back and if you notice them looking at you hold up a sign that reads "How Do You Like It" :laughing:

  18. so much win.
  19. Maybe your being paronoid... or maybe not. The only way to find out is to lawer up and ASK.

    Seriously I know some people about 10 years ago that had basically what you said going on (they where pretty bad, not just MJ bad). After a few weeks one of the guys just started taking coffee out to the guys in the car and started bullshitting with them. they where indeed cops and at that point had no issue admitting it. Not local cops and not FBI though, forgot what agnecy it actually was. The whole situation was super weird, needless to say the people living there got the hell out after awhile and went underground.
  20. some people already said this but i would knock on the doorand talk to them. I was under surveilance for around 6 months ( i found that out in court) some years ago i never knew it they dont sit in the open to watch you they had recording devices set up in an apartment next to mine so the could hear what we did in our aptment. anyway dont be scared to talk to them and if they are watching you your probably doing more than growing alittle bit of smoke.

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