Feds hit headshops

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by TokeTil_uChoke, May 6, 2003.

  1. I'm not sure if you guys check out Hightimes, but i just read this.....

    Fifty-five people have been charged with conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia following raids on pipe-selling businesses from Pennsylvania to California, Attorney General John Ashcroft and Acting DEA Administrator John B. Brown III announced on Monday, Feb. 24.

    Among the targets were such glass-pipe giants as Jerome Baker Designs of Eugene, OR; the Zong bong and Seedless clothing companies in San Diego; Colorchangingglass.com, of Forestville, CA; and legendary pot comedian Tommy Chong, whose home was raided. Former HIGH TIMES staffer Randy Przekop, who now runs a headshop in Pittsburgh, was also indicted

    The Feds are also in the process of obtaining court orders to shut down 11 Internet sites that sell paraphernalia, with visitors to those Websites redirected to a DEA site that cites the law against sale of such items. The sites targeted for elimination include ghettoweb.com, which features the renowned Jerome Baker Design glass pipes. (The ghettoweb.com site was inaccessible on the evening of Feb. 24).

    Those were just bits and pieces from the article, but as soon as i read it, it just pissed me off...Don't stop tokin


  2. That's old news bro :), but thanks for caring! Peace out. You can read more about it if you look through the older news here in general marijuana news from around the world, there are dozens of articles about it!


  3. god thats so gay, i hate the gov.
  4. they cant shut down the city, cause its netherlands based, right?
  5. Hopefully not, hippie john. So did they find any weed in Tommy Chong's house? Ya this is sorta old news, but still a good read.


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