FEDS Financing al Qaeda and Terrorism through Cannabis Prohibition?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by killeroo, May 9, 2011.

  1. I have a hard time believing that it's worth the trouble to get weed out of Afghanistan and into the US. Heroin maybe, but all the best weed is grown here anyway and it can't be that profitable for them to export it.

    IOW, I call speculative bullshit on this article.
  2. The Taliban (don't know if this goes for Al Qaeda too) is funded mainly by the production of heroin. Most of which is destined for the US and Europe.
    Heroin is only valuable because it's illegal. If heroin was treated like for instance soy milk (another plant-concentrate), it wouldn't be nearly as profitable for the Taliban.
    So on the one hand the US is fighting a war on drugs (and thus keeping the pice of drugs high), and on the other hand it is fighting the Taliban, which is funded by that war on drugs.
    Either the people in charge in the US are complete and utter idiots, or they have alternative motives. I'm going for the latter because there is no way the people who specialize in this kind of thing (the president's advisors for instance) don't understand that their war on drugs funds their enemies in their war on terror.

    Hashish, mainly. Afghan hashish is sold at every coffeeshop in my country.
  3. There are main growers in Europe I know who would disagree, but sure the US does have good weed!

    Maybe both lol

    I have had Afghan hash in Dam many times, and it's good :smoke:
  4. But is it hash from Afghanistan, or is it "Afghani Hash"? I can get that stuff delivered to my door, and I promise you it's grown and processed within five miles of here. Same plants and processes, terrorism free.
  5. Some of it is smuggled here and some of it is made domestically.
    At least this is the way it was some 5 years ago when I watched a documentary about it, not sure if it's still true.
  6. Cool quote lol - yes in places like Amsterdam it come's from Afghan, same with most of Europe :smoke: but I could be wrong lol

  7. I have a mate in Dam who still gets some of it from Afghan, but yes the domestic market is growing fast, God I miss Dam :bongin:

  8. Obviously what needs to happen is for the US to start exporting it to Europe. Choke out the Middle Eastern suppliers and chip away at our national debt. Genius!
  9. Great idea - imagine being an international cannabis broker :smoke:

  10. I wouldn't mind trying what California has to offer. :D
  11. Cali has great weed, as they really take care of their plants - and you can buy great strains at good prices :smoke:


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