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Feds continue to ignore mounting Gardasil bodycount

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oltex, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Feds continue to ignore mounting Gardasil bodycount
    WashExam / Barbara Hollingsworth / 10/19/11

    It was too late for 21-year-old Christina Tarsell and 17-year-old Jessica Ericzon. Both healthy, athletic young women suddenly dropped dead shortly after receiving their final injection of Gardasil, a vaccine developed by Merck to protect girls and young women from cervical cancer caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV).

    But when Christina's and Jessica's shocked families tried to get the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate a vaccine it had inexplicably fast-tracked through the approval process even though only one percent of all cancer deaths are due to cervical cancer, they hit a brick wall.

    The Tarsells and Ericzons have been vindicated by new documents just released by the FDA's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) under a Freedom of Information Act request filed by Judicial Watch.

    In just one year - between Sept. 1, 2010 and Sept. 15, 2011 - 26 new deaths and many more severe adverse reactions – including seizures, paralysis, and blindness – were reported in patients receiving Gardasil injections.

    The stories are heartbreakingly similar to the Tarsell and Ericzon tragedies: One healthy 14-year-old girl suffered more than 150 seizures – during which she stopped breathing for up to 40 seconds - following her third Gardasil shot. Another vaccinated 15-year-old suddenly became paralyzed from the waist down the day after receiving her second dose of Gardasil and had to be hospitalized for two months.

    The grieving parents of Christina and Jessica told The Washington Examiner that the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) both ignored their repeated requests to investigate possible links between Gardasil and their daughters' unexplained deaths. It never happened.

    Since then, dozens more people who were vaccinated with Gardasil have also mysteriously died, and many others experienced serious and debilitating reactions.That alone should have triggered at least some interest in these two federal public health agencies as to whether there was a cause-effect relationship, but it never happened.

    CDC still insists that ìthere was no unusual pattern or clustering to the deaths that would suggest that they were caused by the vaccineî - even though VAERS itself reports 18,727 reports of “adverse events” following Gardasil injections, including 68 deaths.

    "These reports raise additional concerns about Gardasil's questionable safety and provide ample reason to end the push to give it young girls and boys. And the CDC's continued caginess on reported deaths is disturbing," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

    Money from a pharmaceutical company bought the FDA approval and I am not sure I want FDA approval of marijuana,,it may kill someone if they do. :eek:
  2. You hit the money. The FDA is trying to hide the fact that it accepts money for approval. When the people asked for the FDA's papers, they wouldn't find any or they would be garbage; then the people would start to realize the FDA is either corrupt or incompetent.
  3. There is something missing from the OTHER SIDE?!?!?!?! Let's see some real research and real numbers if we're gonna have this discussuion. How many cases of HPV are reported each year? How many deaths occur due to cervical cancer versus how many patients have adverse reactions to the vaccine. If you are not interested in this, then you have no intellectual interest in this topic. My guess is that that there is MUCH more benefit to the vaccine than there are adverse reactions.

    Someone is just crying wolf.
  4. the research you think needs checking is in the links in the article,,so this may be a cry of "wolf" that is needed.
  5. Shit like this is why I don't approve of random vaccines. And i mean random, there is a difference between HIV and Tetanus immunizations and shit like Flu shots or ... cervical cancer vaccines.
  6. Funny you mention that, I got into a semi-argument about an hour ago about the flu-shots..
  7. The system needs an overhaul something fierce. At the very least they should pull the vaccine until further research into what it's risks are and prevention of those risks has been done...

    What a mad world. :(
  8. People need to develop the immunizations themselves, not from some synthetic crap.
  9. No way.

    It's my understanding that vaccine only protects against one kind of HPV...SUPPOSEDLY that is.

    Take this deadly vaccine just in case you get raped someday and end up catching a particular strain of HPV. :rolleyes:

  10. Who needs the polio vaccine anyways?
  11. I believe this is what Perry mandated young girls in Texas to take because he cares so deeply for the children.
  12. Fuck Big Pharma.

    Fuck him too.
  13. ... Are you kidding me?

    Look at my previous post and don't pick out the one little bit that makes me look stupid. I said shots like HIV and tetanus are pretty mandatory, developing anti-bodies to those is a bad way to treat them. But these shots aren't being tested in a live lab setting, this cervical cancer thing is being tested on live subjects from what I've heard and seen so far.

    Flu shots on the other hand are completely asinine, if you have the flu you drink some citrus, eat a bowl of soup, and rest for a couple days, you'll be right as rain. Having the flu is being a human being. However, certain ailments, such as polio, should definitely be vaccinated for.


  14. i'm not sure which scares me more.

  15. well not really. i had the flu once and it about kicked my ass. lost 14 pounds in 6 days, spent 4 of them unable to get out of bed for anything but to swallow an ounce of water and wish i was dead, fever over 103 for two days and did i mention i wished i would just die already. lol

    be that as it may, i never had a flu shot and only had it once in my 46 years alive so i always say no to any flu shots.
  16. And these are the same people who are supposed to tell us what drugs are "safe"

    ahh the irony

    fda big pharma..

    all in the business of death

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