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Feds Bust Marijuana-Laced Snack Factory

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Leif, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I found this and decided to show you guys. I want some of the ice cream.

  2. Gottdamn marijuana candy. Ruinin our kids
  3. YEAH, how dare they support rotting our childrens' teeth.
  4. Dammit, didn't notice someone beat me to posting this.
  5. Well, there is always the risk that your kids will find them and eat them. That wouldn't be good, you would probably lose them if someone found out.

    However, I have eaten the snacks from that 'shop' and they rock. Someone I know always has the reeses' chocolat bars.. YUM.
  6. All of GC should toke one up for Tainted Inc. and their employees.

  7. no differant than if the kids got into a bottle of xanax if it was precribed to you. infact the xanies could fuck a kid up bad. some pot candy will just make em sleep for a day and eat everything in the house when they get up.

    i cant believe this bullshit is still goin on. the states say yes we finally realize that harmles ganja is good for you and then fuckin dea pigs just turn an ignorant ear to what the people want and over ride them. fucking bullshit. our govt stopped being for the people long ago. motherfuckers dont represent what we want just what they want for us. fuck harry j anslingers dead corps! god this is the number one thing to piss me off. ok rant over.
  8. All i have to say is one day some how there will be change, it will take a terrible event to change it. all we can do is ride it out. they cant build enough prisons to hold every smoker in the usa, and i would like to see them try. governments should fear its people not the people its government.

    and here is an idea that all of my buddies and i do. every seed we do not use we throw to the wild in the hopes that the plant might take a hold (far hope indeed) but think of the results by the time the dea realizes that the ocala national forest is infested with marijuana plants it would be to late. the peole would not let them damage the forest in any way to uproot the invasion of the forgien plant species. and pretty soon it will spread to all of florida. it would have to be legalized and if not it wouldn't matter you could just go out in the woods and pick a bud dry it out and smoke away. spread this one if you will.
  9. wow, they're trying to make them seem like bad people, just look at the way they use the word laced.
    yeah these people are horible for making patients that need cannabis take their medicine in a more convenient way
  10. too true.
  11. I saw a preview of that on the news I think..

    It showed a candy bar that said "Baby Jane" lol.. i recorded it and had to leave.. might go watch it :p
  12. ive thought about flying to europe and somehow having hash cut up into little pieces of chocolate that the germans usually make, people always fly with a bunch of german chocolates to here
  13. all the government can say is its illegal cause its bad...its bad because its illegal. smoking causes lung damage blah blah blah so somone make candies so medical marijuana patients most of wich have very serios medical problems) dont need to smoke it to get the medicinal effects. personlly i love to smoke but many people out there are not able to smoke my freinds father wont touch the stuff only because he isnt able to inhale it. they simply have no reason to send these people to jail for sellin pot candy:mad:
  14. The owners of that factory were definately smart as hell. the third sentance or so says the name of the company was "tainted Inc." What a bunch of melvins

  15. here here:smoke:
  16. Damn, I want some of those energy drinks :hello:
  17. Well anyone who feels the need to make a weed energy-drink should be arrested.
  18. The DEA claims to be helping our kids by doing this, but as you all know this is utter bullshit, as is the whole DEA for that matter. The DEA needs to concentrate on drugs that kill people and go bust those guys instead. I mean busting all these Medical Co-ops and bakeries doesn't take any tactical skills. If you ask me, Cali should just branch off from the states and be our own independent entity(sp?). Its not like there isn't enough money generated in our state to do so. And about this whole "Federal law overrides state law" is also shit. If this logic were indeed correct, that means UN law would override US Federal law, which it does't. Our local police/sheriff agencies here in Cali need to stop assisting these tyrants. But it seems like every cop wants to be DEA, FBI or ATF so when the big guys come to town, our police/sheriffs kiss their arses to the fullest.

    Utter BS.

    PS - The DEA is coming to Cali for the busts because of the quality of our product. You really think that all of them don't smoke weed? Please
  19. Ive had tainted incs products... they were awesome. But they specifically warn on the packaging to keep them out of reach of children... In the news report trashing of tainted they made it seem like the evil employees were making these then selling them at elementary schools when in fact you cant even get them unless your 18 and have a medical recommendation.

    Dont people over 18 enjoy candy bars too? DEA doesnt seem to think so...

    Anyways... im off to the club to buy some reefer cups before they are all gone, lol.

    EDIT: I got the last one =D

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