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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by xmanbearpigx, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. im buying a bong from someone on GC and he can ship it to me. i was wondering if i shipped it through UPS or fedex or whatever, would i be able to pick it up at a store instead of having them ship it to me? i still live with my rents is the only problem you know?
  2. have it shipped to a friends house whos parents are out of town and do it overnight or something so you know exactly when its gonna be there
  3. why would you give so much info about what your doing just ask the question discretley and i hope you edit your post... but yah...good job
  4. sorry but entourage is the greatest show...EVER, JOHNNY DRAMA FTW!!!
  5. Call up the local UPS store. I'm sure you can have it delivered there first, but there is some kind of procedure to get it done.

  6. Someone on GC? If you're buying things from someone within the forums, then you definitely don't need to be talking about it because that kind of stuff isn't allowed here.

    Now, if this has to do with the Shop, please clarify.
  7. yeah, it does? bottom line im getting a pipe and need it shipped, but i cant ship it to my house, so can i pick it up or am is shit out of luck?
  8. Bottom line...if it has to do with the Shop then you need to contact If it's between you and someone else, then this isn't the place to get the answer.
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