FedEx Drug Testing policy

Discussion in 'General' started by j4cks0ne23, May 31, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows if FedEx usually requiers a drug test after you apply for their job. I'm gonna apply for this one job tomorrow, but I wanna blaze up a J tonight. Don't know if I should hold off on it, or not.
  2. Yeah they make you pee in a capless cup and then make you drive it across town to a certain adress in under 5 min without spilling it, its pretty difficult.

    Frankly I dont know :D
  3. yes

    just so people know:

    anything that includes driving or warehouse moving (home depot, lowes etc.) requires tests. cuz insurance wont fuck with that shit if an accident involves a drug user, no matter how sober.

    they want to keep their money, so theyll write it off on the positive drug test.
  4. rofl, i thought you were telling the truth for a second lebowski.

    lol, well the thing is, i smoked last night, so how long would that even take to pass my system.
  5. look up the how to pass in 12 hrs thread bro
  6. dude everybody's biology is different, and every company uses a different drug test. that question is too vague.

    for me, itd take at least a week.
  7. Well the position I'm applying for doesn't actually involve driving I think. It's just the handling/moving of equipment. I think there's some driving included, but it's probably so minor that it's negligible.

    Yea, I read that thread about Azo Standard pills....that sounds like it might work. I don't know, I'm gonna call that guy up tomorrow, and try to set up an interview for next week.
  8. equipment is still required for drug tests imo.

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