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    We all know cannabis is still classified (somehow) as a Schedule I controlled substance. All three of these *prerequisites for this classification have been proven over and over to be inapplicable to cannabis. The change of this classification would quickly legitimize MMJ and make both state and federal legislation be virtually impossible to deny afterwards. I feel like the major hurdles would be much easier to surpass if this change occurred - and any testimonies, research, etc. would make this change virtually impossible to not be passed (it wouldn't be viewed as negatively by the anti-cannabis or impartial crowd either as attempted decriminilizing or legalizing, meaning a lot of those politicians that support MJ-legalization/MMJ/etc. but fear the political backlash would not have to worry). I would imagine most MMJ legislation could cite this change shortly afterwards and the media would have a hard time hiding this change as well and not citing the reasons when the topic would be covered.

    I am on a t-break (8 more days of the 1-month break to go!) so I may not be thinking properly... But I think the re-classification would deteriorate most arguments against both MMJ and legal-MJ. Some federal legislation has been presented in the last decade (decriminalization mostly) that hasn't failed too miserably so I would be surprised if this wasn't passed (if such was proposed). Federally, I think this is the most important step - and it's achievable now. It would likely be moved to Schedule III - like Marinol.


    *For a primer on the controlled substance classifications: Controlled Substances Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. I totally agree with you. I already made my voice heard at whitehouse.gov, and intend to contact my local congresspeople and state governor. It's pretty ridiculous, because, apparently, from what hightimes tells me, cannabis in the 70s was placed as a schedule I drug pending more research, and the research, from the 70s up until now, has definitely refuted its current classification. Hightimes says its been a matter of presidential decision to reclassify the drug, and clearly it should be done. It's sad and we all know Obama is a hypocrite who will only make moves on marijuana policy when the waters are completely suitable, not if it should be done, or not whether it should be done because he made such promises during his election campaign.

  3. Although I agree 100% and have heard the same about the 'pending' situation (see the Schafer report) I have to say Obama did change his stance during his campaign. Pre-campaign he openly stated he supports legislation decriminalizing but during the campaign - when asked again, he did say he opposed it. This is probably due to his exposed ability to be a puppet (likely he was advised to change his stance or lose a lot of votes because he would be viewed as 'soft' on crime). Frustrating - yes, but was it part of his campaign? No. And by no means am I a supporter of Barack - especially after his conflicting statement and application relative to state laws/MMJ/raids/etc.

  4. For me it was

    1. Opposing a healthcare bill for the people who got sick from 9/11
    2. Cancelling the space program
    3. His new very anti drug policies.

    3 strikes yer out!
  5. Obama's done a lot of bad shit :/ Luckilly nobody supports him now lol.
  6. I just think that them recognizing the state MMJ programs is the biggest load of hypocrisy (don't get me wrong I am glad that they do recognize and stay the fuck away for the most part) because their Federal Controlled Substances act which is like their fucking DRUG WAR BIBLE... says otherwise.
  7. Like what has been stated already alot of court cases rely heavily on the fact that cannabis "under the federal classification" has no medicinal benifit. Its so fucking contradictive and stupid that this is even possible to be a law. It shows our governments huge ability to neglect social change in pursuit of their own agenda. How many more decades must cannabis users be persecuted...:confused:
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    Cocaine is schedule II and Marajuna is schedule I

    Anyone who isn't mentally retarded should consider that list a fucking joke. I feel ashamed to live in this country.

    Also lol @ synthetic cannabinoids having lower classifications.

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