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Federal Judge Says Harborside Health Can Stay open

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by DoobieDuck, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Good news seams to be coming more often nowadays...cheers..DD

    from and read the entire story here:

    Federal Judge Says Nation's Medical Cannabis Model,Harborside Health Center, Can Stay Open!

    OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On Monday,January 7, Chief Federal Magistrate Maria-Elena James ruled in favor ofHarborside Health Center (HHC), and denied motions by Harborside's landlords asking the court to order an immediate halt of medical cannabis sales at their properties. Judge James also declined to grant a motion from the City ofOakland to immediately enjoin the federal government's legal efforts to close Harborside, but scheduled a hearing later this month to hear further arguments in the City of Oakland's lawsuit released in a highly significant, 17-page opinion.

    "We are grateful that Judge James carefully considered the facts and arguments in the Harborside case, and decided to grant us our dayin court," said HHC Executive Director Steve DeAngelo. "We have always believed that a Bay Area jury will recognize the value that Harborside brings to the community, and refuse to allow the federal government to seize the properties where we are located. We look forward to proving our case infront of a jury, and continue to believe we will prevail. In the mean time, we ask the Department of Justice to immediately freeze enforcement actions against Harborside and any other cannabis providers acting in full compliance with state law. Our nation's law enforcement officers should concentrate on realcrime."
  2. They kind of brought this shit down on themselves though. I do feel for them but they were rubbing the governments nose in it. You pull on a tigers tail, expect to get fucked up.
  3. You should watch "Weed Country," on discovery. It's way better than Weed Wars.
  4. well, if a federal supreme court said they can't ban shps, and state says they can...don't fed law/rulings override state/local laws/rules...(at least that is what we have been hearing)...then can't ban them in california. :devious:
  5. They can try to stop the snowball from building in size while rolling down the hill, but in the end they will end up just getting steamrolled.legalization is coming wether they like it or not.

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