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    Apparently, this is the most recent federal data regarding statistics on illegal drug use, even though one of the sources is from a 2007 National Survey on Drug Usage. Why are we always a day late and a dollar short in this country when it comes to reporting statistics that are factual and recent?
    Here are a few stats:
    • One million people per year are reported to seek medical help from drug abuse (mostly heroin,cocaine and supposedly marijuana.)
    • Out of the 14.2 million arrests in 2007, drug abuse was at 13% - more than 1.8 million people. Half of that amount were marijuana arrests - mostly for possession.
    • Drug offenders are in 20% of the state prison population, and federal makes up half.
    • Vermont has the highest rate of marijuana usage, while Utah has the lowest.
    • 5% of 12th graders smoke marijuana on a daily basis.
    • Nearly 51% of males, 12 and older, have tried illegal drugs, females were in the 42% range.

  2. LOL at vermont having the highest rate of marijuana use :p.

    Thanks for this, very informing. But it makes me think, results must be really hard to get accuretly...
  3. Yea im guessing its 1-2 years old... Vermont is small and there are a bunch of hippies there.. lol
  4. Instead of gun stores and liquor stores on every block, like in LA or Miami, Vermont has Ben & Jerry's on every block! Lol
  5. I like how you compared a state to two cities LOL :laughing:
  6. Yea, my buddy goes to collage there and when i visited it was granola city. My friends back home in connecticut think im a hippy, but they havent seen these crazy guys and gals.

  7. Lol, Yea i had a couple friends that went to Vermont University. I used to live in upstate NY and Burlington was only 2 hours away, so i used to go up there alot to chill, party and get really good drugs... The headshops there are amazing too...Those hippies get really good drugs somehow...maybe from goin on tour with "The Dead" at all those festivals from across the country? ( My friend used to do that, and always had tons of different drugs when he came back home )

  8. That has to be a per square mile basis...

  9. hahaha yea man nyc, i would think, would rape vermont.

    haha i wonder if cali med users are in this survey. or was mmj not around then?

    god bless all. smoke weed and live above the influence.

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