Federal Checks. Thank you tax day!

Discussion in 'General' started by Dairyman, May 2, 2006.

  1. I just got my check today. and while i didnt make a whole lot back. only about 200, its great that it came cause I plan to get a SHIT load of weed. I just wish tax day was a bit sooner, so you could get your check on 420. what a nice way to spend it eh?

    anyone else experience a similiar experience today, by getting the mail and having that nice surprise? yeah? no?

    ill shut up now *toke*
  2. now *THAT* is sticking it to the man!
  3. If I wasn't so friggin poor, I'd take the fed. check (instead of cashing it) and roll up a fatty with it...

    the watermark probably tastes like blueberry
  4. right from the United State Teasury into the pocket of a seedy drug dealer.... to fund terrorism no doubt.
  5. My pot addiction pays for many jobs
  6. i havent cashed mine yet, but i am buying a RooR with mine and some dank

    can't wait
  7. I put mine torwards a new queensize tempurpedic bed.
  8. those are amazing, definatly a good investment

  9. Word I'm very excited. I paid for it today I'm hoping it arrives by friday or saturday.
  10. I've got one of the pillow's, and its fuckin great!:hello:
  11. they are HOT as hell though, since they hold in heat. but goddamn i love how comfy they are

    :yay: im gonna go lay on it now
  12. don't forget to bring a "towel"
  13. i'll just get a little high
  14. dairy when did u mail it out and how long did it take to get back to you
  15. I'm thinking. Beginning of this month or so. It was april at some point.
  16. i sent mine out last day u could so it should be comin in soon?
  17. yeah, check your mail soon. i will expect my parents to get there's tomorrow since i got mine first.
  18. true thanks man
  19. Dude, you do know that you can send in your tax forms before April 15th, don't you?
    No doubt!!:D :D
  20. I'm gettin a sweet queen size futon with mine.

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