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Fed up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hezza, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. I love weed I do, but I hate where I live ENGLAND and I hate who deals I mean where I live .6-1.2 a bag ten pound is all you're going to get.

    The thing is the chronic is usually at .6-.8 and many dealers add stalk and more leaf and cut buds up to make it look better in the bag and if you do find a dealer who does decent bags and chronic bud there busted in a week or hardly ever on.

    Todays just shit everywhere I gone its .6 of fresh smelling bud saying it's pineapple it does get you stoned but it's so unreal round here, I might need to stop I love weed but this is ridicilous I reckon if I Hadn't been drinking I wouldn't feel shit off this and I been smoking it in pipe.

    I wish I could grow but I live at home still and no money to buy equipment fuck man fuck
  2. organic guerilla grow.
  3. Outdoor grow
  4. Why would the weed smell fresh but look crystally but not be peng there's different varietys some are crystally and have same unique smell really fresh then some are really dark and the buds are always quite leafy and everyone seems to call it english I hardly buy the shit only when I really need a smoke.
  5. power is retarded expensive in england, they probably use shit lights. go to Amsterdam and buy a pound and drive back to england :p
  6. Poor fella,..wish I could ship ya some,,but alas..:(

  7. Drive from Amsterdam to England??

    Dude you need to stop smoking weed and hit up a middle school geography class pronto.
  8. [quote name='"Ironic"']

    Drive from Amsterdam to England??

    Dude you need to stop smoking weed and hit up a middle school geography class pronto.[/quote]

    I lold
  9. Everyone i know that deals sells buds. no stalk. no shake. cut up bud bullshit. you definitely need to find a reliable dealer.
  10. Can't grow outdoors in uk

  11. You can drive from Amsterdam to uk, there's a tunnel.
  12. Move. Western Canada's where its at! Dank for cheap :D

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