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  1. FED EX. i ordered a stealth hydro basic dwc kit and low and behold fed ex delivers it to my neighbors!!! i cant possibly go to my neighbors and ask for it can i? what if its opened? i CAN NOT have ANYONE finding out what im doing, any advice on what i should do?
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    go get it .. stop worrying

    no tryng to be a dick , but that would be a douchy move on your neighbors part to open your stuff
  3. I assume your name is on it?

    They wont open it. Its a felony offense to tamper with mail.
  4. lol......

    go over there and say, "a package that was for me was delivered to you, may i have it please."

    if they have any decency they will not open it, and will give it to you without you even asking! What kind of neighbor would open some shit that wasnt addressed to them?
  5. im just thinking that if it was opened im gonna have a hard time explaining a hydro kit, dont ya think?

    Edit: and yea my name is on it, one of the reasons ive been so sketch about ordering stuff haha.
  6. Lmao! Did you not put the right address on it? How do you know they got it? Maybe call the company you got it from and say you never received it, because you didn't. Unless you put the wrong address which is your fault.

    curiosity? Maybe they are using it for a grow as we speak :D.
  7. you grow lettuce. You dont gotta explain shit, tell them to give you your shit and shut the fuck up
  8. Hey its a felony if they opened it anyway. Who are they to question what you do in you're private residence?
  9. Fuck mail carriers in general man. I don't play a video game for months and then decide to get my xbox fixed for Reach. Fucking UPS loses the package in the mail and now I just keep getting the runaround. I'm on the phone with Microsoft right now actually.
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    naw man, im no idiot. even though the system is kinda full proof seeing as SH wont ship it unless the adress you put matches the one on the paypal.


    true that man.

    yea and if they refuse i kick in the door and take it haha. its not stealing if its mine right?
  11. You would have a better time explaining that, than they would explaining why the opened someones mail that wasnt theirs.

    Worst case scenario. They call the cops saying they're thinking you grow. You know what will happen? The cops will laugh, haul their asses to jail, and return your package.

    You have the law on your side, ironically.

  12. damn, that feels like a first, cops on my side, who knew?

    even if they poked thier noses around the farthest my grow has made it is a light proof shiny box haha. soon to have the hydro set up in thier.
  13. If they threaten you as I said you tell them how it's a felony for them to have even opened it. So tell them if they did open it they best Helen Keller it...They aint seen or herd shit. Or they will be facing some charges. :)
  14. If they opened it then you can call the cops and have them arrested. It's a felony to fuck with someones mail. If for some reason you even had to talk to the cops about it just say you grow your own veggies or something. Just go ever there and say you want your package.
  15. Your name is on it so they know its yours. Might as well go over and ask. The longer you wait, the more likely they already opened it. Btw its not to stealth now, lol.
  16. Yeah yeah ..go now !! tell us the outcome !!

    good luck
  17. You're assuming that they even know what the hydro kit is for.

    If they ask you don't wanna come off as a dick, but I would straight up tell them you have no right opening my mail, and I want to grow my own vegetables.
  18. you're not back yet? what are you waiting for? if it was mine this thread would be about how I had to go get my shit from the neighbor. :p
  19. i wanna know what happens
  20. I want to know lol

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