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Fed court to review Marijuana drug status, first time in 20 years

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by thehighman, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. So you supply me a link that confirms 50% of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana and you even say it's old which means its likely higher now but you tell me to stop pulling numbers out of my ass? You just confirmed what I said was true. I'm not sure if you're actually this dense or just enjoy being an ass on online forums.

  2. So you just said what makes narcotics a bad thing...hmm. Other drugs associated with the word narcotics: cocaine, heroine, crack, ectasy,acid, etc. Ungodly acts that come with narcotics: Murder, Rape, Robbery, Kidnapping, etc. SO YOU DO SOME THINKING ON YOUR ON
  3. Neither. The percentage is higher than 51%. My point is don't pull numbers out of your ass to make a point. You'll never convince skeptics. The fools who would accept a poorly conjectured number are already brainwashed to believe you're a liar.

  4. One could make the point that some of those "ungodly acts" are the result of the prohibition of those narcotics.
  5. Correlation is not equivalent to cause. There are so many other factors that come into play. Just leave GC now, please. We don't need your propagandized bullshit.

  6. Alright but if you go back to my original post you quoted, I said that 51% was the last percentage that I had heard. It may be higher now but at one time 51% was the official number, or as official as it gets. So in the end what I said was not pulled out of my ass and its better that I undersold the percentage than lying and saying it's higher than it actually is.

    But we shouldn't keep arguing because I'm guessing we're both on this site for our common love of this amazing green plant.
  7. You would have to bring god into it....

    Those are all drugs that at one point were considered good, or at least, viewed neutrally. We still derive medications from them, only now we slap fancy scientific names on them, and hand them to people with official looking prescriptions to make it seem somehow acceptable. Those acts you speak of....those are the product of prohibition and a pointless drug war. But if the only thing you can do is spout more propaganda and scream like a little child, then I suggest you just fuck off and go live with the rest of the'll find no sanctuary here.
  8. Trust me I don't want to get involved in the conversations going on right now but please, just chill out. Nobody is on this site to make an ass of themselves I'm sure..
    This is the one place throughout the day that i don't have to be so uptight and worried about everything. I know it's just simple arguing, but people could get their points across without being so.. Rude
    Idk maybe I'm comin off as the dick now, but just saying..
  9. Why do people talk to trolls?

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