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Fed court to review Marijuana drug status, first time in 20 years

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by thehighman, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. I cannot tell you how many topics I have read about as a result of reading about prohibition/drug war/mmj/etc. SO often, there is a side issue and you go down a rabbit hole you never expected to. Got my blood boiling and an interest in politics I never had.
    It so succinctly summarizes all the ills in the world thanks to special interests. It's literally the point you can jump in, read up about prohibition to start, and it will make you seek similarities/patterns in the world regarding other topics. It's literally like taking the "pill" in the Matrix movie.
  2. ^^^It has made me a horticulturist,electrician,carpenter and an advocate for ending prohibition. Sorta
  3. So if this passes how much Time will it take to move it out of classification 1. I mean will it be another 10 years?
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    It will depend on if the DEA/ONDCP appeal the courts ruling,a very strong possibility considering the loss of revenue and resulting removal of marijuana control from them.

    If no appeal,,then I am sure the court will set a timetable for DEA/DOJ to take action on it's ruling,with the past history of delay and inaction by the DEA being the reason the suit was filed in the first place.

    Just 2 more days until the hearing begins and we will learn if prohibition starts ending at the federal level or we find out that the corporations control not only our congress but our judicial system as well.

    If they re-schedule marijuana to any other level,,it will mean a few years of clinical studies,,studies not allowed now by the DEA/NIDA,,before any FDA approval can happen(except for Sativex/Bayer,they already worked their deal).

    We just keep doing what we are doing,,legalization in every state we can because the corporations may be able to buy congress and the judicial system but they can't buy the people..
  5. There will be appeals, no matter the ruling. If they rule in favor of ASA, then DEA will appeal, and vice versa. If I recall, I believe the ASA folks said they wouldn't be surprised if this drags out over the course of a year, with the ruling itself possibly taking months to be returned.
  6. I'm too crossing my fingers, praying to jebbas, Allah, God,Buddha, ancient aliens, and doing a fucking rain dance. But i can almost bet the government had already paid for a verdict in their favor. To many rich people risk losing their fortunes to the hemp industries, forcing a redistribution of wealth. I watched the movie grass for the 100th time last night and just shake my head at the facts. This past year I've turned legalizing in into my hobby and passion. The facts are all there yet over looked for decades, money is the only conclusion. I wish them the best of luck.

    The path to true enlightenment begins with the spark of a lighter
  7. Isn't the date October 16th?
  8. [quote name='"shaddytheman"']Isn't the date October 16th?[/quote]

    That's the day of the hearing. Today is the 14th.

  9. 2 More Days!!! I'm very skied to whether this will pass or not, honestly the position that Marijuana is in doesn't deserve to be there, just going to cross my fingers and see what happens on that very day.
  10. [quote name='"shaddytheman"']

    2 More Days!!! I'm very skied to whether this will pass or not, honestly the position that Marijuana is in doesn't deserve to be there, just going to cross my fingers and see what happens on that very day.[/quote]

    Same here, though some of the other posters seem to think the verdict could take a month or more to come in.
  11. If the government has all their patents in place and are ready for commercialization, it will go down I suspect, as their "corporate partners" are chomping at the bit to open markets to their benefit.

    Will it just go in the same schedule as cocaine and have medical value and be prohibited on the streets? Retain the lucrative market for all interested parties on both sides of the law? It's so convenient for bypassing the constitution wherever they see fit and relieving people of their rights. They don't want to give that up, certainly. Nor the ability to pay for things under the table to keep Congress out of it. Uggh...what a big 'ol mess they've made!

    My fear is that if one day prohibition is finally struck down as we know it now; will it just be this ongoing stupidity in the courts forever with appeals and challenges and ever more confusing legalese they expect people to live by? When the laws are thousands of pages long, is it reasonable to expect people to live by them? It certainly isn't easy to read and follow them.
  12. I doubt anything in our favor is going to happen here. The last time medical marijuana was challenged at the supreme court level (in may) the result was 8-0 (1 abstain) against the reform:

    "Federal law labels marijuana an illegal "controlled substance." And in a unanimous 8-0 ruling, the high court ruled that patients with debilitating diseases who take the drug to relieve their pain would be doing so illegally." -May 14, ABC News.

    Unfortunately too many people hate weed, especially the pigs at the high level of government.
  13. The truth will be revealed
  14. Yes, because there has always been "sufficient evidence" to prove cannabis as being one of the most harmful substances on the face of the planet...right? :rolleyes:

    The only thing that needs to be overturned here is greed and corruption.

    And if there were absolutely zero studies to refer to, then I would question why they are having a conference in the first place. Seems to me there would be nothing of real value to talk about if they had nothing to refer to.
  15. Now this is just my personal opinion.. But if the D.C. Circuit Court didn't care that there is medicinal and therapeutic value to Marijuana and wanted to be in favor of the Federal Government and the DEA to keep it illegal, then they wouldn't of agreed to hear oral arguments in the first place. Once the case starts, and the judges will be bombarded with pure scientific evidence that Marijuana has an overwhelming amount of therapeutic and medicinal value and then the DEA will most likely just stand there saying "Drugs are bad, all drugs are bad, Marijuana is bad, etc." The judges will most likely look at the DEA and say "You guys are the biggest, greediest dumb-asses that I've ever encountered in a court case, find different jobs!" (Hopefully) Unless something crazy happens and the judges go in favor of the DEA, people are going to see that it's obvious the judges went in favor of greed and bigotry and not in favor of real, scientific evidence that real scientists and doctors did studies on. Is that possible? Yes, anything is possible.. Now is it possible that this will turn into the same concept as Cocaine, making it illegal on the streets? Yes, as a matter of fact, that's what I think the outcome will be.. But at least it'll allow for more research to be done on Cannabis and once more evidence that it's a harmless plant pours out, then that's when the next step (Another reschedule to III or IV? Descheduling?) take place, making it closer and closer to becoming legalized or maybe legalizing it then and finally putting a rest to this chaos.
  16. I hope someone sneaks their phone into the hearing tomorrow and records the hearings for youtube release

  17. Won't the public be able to read transcripts of the hearing?

    I have no idea so I'm just asking.
  18. I am sure a transcript will be kept by ASA for putting up at their web site but a youtube video would be nice,,I read so much shit my eyes have gone permanently crossed.
  19. I agree.

    Something like this needs as much exposure as possible.

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