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feck knows!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Frank White, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. feck knows why im up at 00:22 AM rolling joints.....i dont even have insomnia just bored ...

    anyone with me?
  2. well thats joint numer 7 rolled ready for the party on fried-day.....

    peace and spliffs...
  3. haha, 439pm for me bud :D so im with ya!

    me and buddies used to be the same, but since we're up in canada, it was "Fried eh?" hahah. Always used to smoke a fat bag right after school on Fridays.
  4. Ah i always do that aswell, just roll joints if im bored, i enjoy rolling, its a nice memorised procedure. Then you always feel good about yourself for rolling a really nice looking joint.
  5. HIGH All, nothing like sitting in your girl's room smoking a joint when your that's relaxing.

  6. Yeah exactly grinding bud even does it for me.....
  7. Yeh, rolling joints is an art, and a fun one!
    Hope you had a well deserved smoke after rolling :)
  8. i did, them joints were meant to last me till 2morro...

    ive got two

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