Febreze Air Effects: Lavender, Vanilla, and "comfort"

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  1. Having recently moved into my dorm room, I'm away from the pot smoking anytime schedule that my house provided me throughout my teens. This lack of convenience is truly disastrous as I am quite a (2 times a day on average) busy smoker.

    I go to school at Portland State, which is quite the liberal school and based on the ethos, if you will, of the dorm, I decided to say fuck it to the system and smoke anyways. Shit, I've already got some kind of connect on 8 out of 10 floors ;).

    I'm really high if you haven't noticed already, and to cover up the smell here, I decided to use a certain product.


    Yes, febreze air effects, the lavender, vanilla, and comfort scent in particular. It's almost like this product covers the smell TOO well actually, and that brings me to my inquiry. What exactly is this "comfort" scent, what is the chemical that provides this soothing not-my-normal indica high which has such an exquisite uniqueness it questions the origin.

    I believe this scent is a chemical meant to secrete 'comfort' hormones (reminds me of MDMA). I don't know mammalian hormones, but I'm sure oxytocin is involved in that hormonal tidal wave which creates mood.

    Upon further investigations I discovered even more suspicious names for fragrances. "Pamper", "Refresh", "Delight", "Renewal" to name a few. These are all pleasurable states of mind, and what more is there to get from life when your own brain's reward system is working as hard as it can???

    This is a slighter suspicion then my main point, but I would not be surprised if this product is addictive in some degree. And I have an anecdotal :)rolleyes:) story to back it up.

    My roommate is the one who brought the stuff. And it has become a major issue in our coexistence based on how much of it I use (and how I use it when he's not around....). He doesn't care about smoking pot, but he cares about using the febreze after I've smoked ("Dude! Why can't you just go outside?!").

    In conclusion, those of you who object to having your body modified in such a way without your consent can form an opinion about these products and maybe even throw them out if you're so inclined.

    Personally, I love that extra special something.
  2. Damn man thats some pretty crazy shit to be thinking about, even more cause I just smoked 3 bowls of Ninja Turtles and im high as fuck.
  3. "In conclusion, those of you who object to having your body modified in such a way without your consent can form an opinion about these products and maybe even throw them out if you're so inclined."

    The most overly complicated sentence I've read in a minute. You must be high, bruh.
  4. Sorry, its just a modified starch (a dextrin) that binds to large scent molecules and causes them to be deposited on your carpet or floor.
    I wish they made Feliway for humans.
  5. Let me simplify. You might be putting shit in your body you don't want to be there, but it seems this thread is moot if tharedhead is correct.

    I didn't think it was complicated


    Not for comfort feelings, but if you're up in the club and desperate for ladies.....maybe check this out. Personally, I would feel dirty using that stuff.
  6. I dont think they would be allowed to be sold if they made your body secret hormones, if it did it would probably be considered a drug.
  7. Maybe they named it Comfort so you could sit in comfort on your comfortable chair and be comfortable with the fact that Comfort made the weed smell go away, letting you be high in comfort without having to worry about getting caught based on smell.

    Comfort comfort comfort.
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    This product is currently being sold in the Netherlands as a "room deodorizer" when it in fact is MDMC.

    I'm sober and I'm still suspicious.
  9. Back when the rumor started that Febreze killed pet birds/dogs/cats, all the pet owner groups crawled up the manufacturer's ass with a flashlight (and a lawyer). If they are now doing some spray Soma shit, I want to get in touch with their chemist because s/he must be the coolest most fearless person since Owsley.
    snopes.com: Febreze Pet Danger

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