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Feast your eyes on this!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SammySess, May 16, 2010.

  1. This is legendary stuff i happened to get hold of...

    STRAIN: CrystalRain = White Widow x Northern Lights

    LOOK: Nice pale green fluffy buds COVERED in CRYSTALS. Like thess nugs went to da jewelry store and iced themselves out!

    SMELL: Piney, with hints of that citrus hazey smell

    BUZZ: It takes a short while to hit you, creeps up, but its a VERY clear headed high, perfectly balanced stoned high with a very nice cerebral high as if everything is suddenly all a dream and you believe you are actually sleeping and playing out this in your mind sort of thing.




  2. Oh my goodness.. Super dank. Jealous brother... Very jealous.
  3. yum :D
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  4. Not Bad At All! I know you'll have fun with it,don't even have to ask :D
  5. looks like your gonna feast tonight wahahahahah
  6. i'd fuck that.
  7. Drop Dead Gorgeous! :smoking:

  8. ^ This!:hello:
  9. Half a j of this gets me HIIIIIIGH. And my tolerance is something else!!
  10. Amazing.. I would love to have that stuff right now.

    I'm stuck with 'hi-qual' from the Bay right now but it isn't doing anything for me right now haha.
  11. When im travellin, i get some nice dank but nothin ever beats the stuff like this i get at home.. i usually smoke blunts and that'll get me nicely high but with this stuff a joint is like


    but on such a good clear headed, enlivening level


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