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Feasibility of security in growing situation

Discussion in 'Security' started by Xeromancer, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Hey all, first post (yay). To reiterate my title, I am moving into an apartment next year and wanted to get opinions on how feasible it would be to grow. My roommate proposed we start growing our weed instead of buying it due to costs/control what we get. We have been best friends for 10+ years and have lived together before, so security is not an issue here. We would grow strictly for personal use. I would be using a PC grow case from mrgrowpro (not confident in my abilities for a DYI) and I only plan on growing 1-2 plants. I have not purchased any equipment yet. All I have done is read tons about growing :D. Therefore, I would not lose any money if I did not choose to purse this endeavor. Now, I have a few questions:

    1. How big of a risk would this situation be (assuming odor is eliminated)? We are both dedicated to telling -nobody-
    2. Would a carbon filter be enough to cover the smell of 1-2 plants or would I want to layer and use further measures? Maybe an ONA bucket?
    3. Would it be best to grow in a closet or keep it under my desk to look like a computer? It might seem suspicious if for some strange reason maintenance has to get in my closet and they find a tower that is plugged in >.>

    Please let me know if you think it is too risky to grow in this situation. I would much rather continue paying for weed than get busted. I appreciate any and all constructive responses.
  2. In an apartment, this is what I've learned:
    1. The risk is as big as you perceive it. Do YOU trust your friend? I can't tell you how well you can trust him, I don't know him. I do know however, be prepared that if he decided to get a girlfriend that he liked and wanted to spill the beans, that puts you in risk, vise-versa. Be prepared to ditch anything if you suspect, and always communicate with each other discreetly and openly. I've known others to shut down shop completely because some roommate of the few that knew thought 'he was in love'.

    2. I love the idea of Ona Buckets. They work great, and what's wrong with having a fresh smelling house, with or without babies growing?

    3. Being in an apartment, know your rights and risks. Know where maintenance might have to come, or where guests may be if someone is in your home. Where is your A/C and vents located? Where is your fuse box? What do you think would work best for the design and layout of your home? A grow tent that small is always possible or feasible one might say, to move if need be, especially with just one or two babies.

    Seems like you've given it some thought. Depending on where you're located, learn your states laws, and have a back up plan. Ultimately, it can be a risk no matter what. Just depends on your choice ultimately.

    Hope this kind of helped, one newbie to another. Congrats on your first post, as to this was mine. :)

  3. Thanks for the points to think about Valk. They put some things a little more into perspective. I haven't had a chance to really scope out my new apartment yet. Haven't moved in yet so I guess that is the first thing I need to do before deciding anything. I also hadn't thought about the situation you posed in question one. Guess the best plan of action is to bring it right out into the open and talk to my friend about it. Thanks for your help!
  4. Apartment grows are risky -- scroll down through this sub-forum and you'll find lots of discussion on the topic. Basically:

    1) You don't have the same privacy rights as you do in your own private home. The property owner has rights to protect his property that balance against your privacy rights in some cases. So landlords and maintenance can enter on 24 hours notice and sometimes with no notice at all. You may also be restricted from changing or adding locks and such.

    2) Compared to a private home, in an apartment you are much closer to your neighbors and are restricted in terms of access to an attic or basement space for ventilation. You also might not want to be cutting holes in walls and such in an apartment.
  5. I agree Toasty; after we started in this apartment, we quickly realized JUST how much more of a risk it is. Our plan is to secure our new home in December when our lease is up, we'll be transporting some new little clones and starting up in the spare bedroom on day one of the move...

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