fear of kissing is killing me

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  1. so i have a low self esteem and have had it most of my life. i think it might be because of an incident in 3rd grade where my first girlfriend and i were forced to kiss and i froze up and being young dumb people that led to her calling me a name and breaking up with me because of this incident i guess. since then i havent done anything with a girl. There have been girls that wanted to be with me and go out and shit but i cant get past my fear of sucking at kissing. any advice?
  2. Man up. Lifes too short to be a pussy:)

  3. dude i know but dam ive let this fear grow for a long time
  4. Get a hooker, it might help you ease into it all since you won't have perform or jump hoops to impress her, since, she probably doesn't care. Just make sure she is clean! :p
  5. how does one know they suk at kissing if the last time one tried was in 3d grade lol.
    find a party, talk to a bitch and practice amigo!!!!
  6. ok, every guy has the one female best friend.. Explain your situation and be like look, Help me out. i mean shit, its only a kiss bro.. Better yet, hit up a party and find a random bitch your prolly wont ever see again and make her your experiment!
  7. lol i would not kiss a hooker, imo hookers are for two things blow jobs and fucks
  8. You need a little libido lubrication, alcohol works great...
  9. maybe your gay
  10. Hitler-Mel-Gibson is probably not right. :p
  11. this might be hard to think about...

    some day, you're going to die. so quit being a bitch and take some risks. (and fuck dude, that was 3rd grade.......)
  12. Come on! Hookers need kisses too.
  13. lol!!
  14. Just find a nice girl and take it slow..lots of girls suck at kissing so maybe you two can figure it out together
  15. Unless she was in your 3rd grade class then how does it matter?

    Also, how would you get good at anything if you never tried it more than once?
  16. [quote name='"Liquidtruth"']
    Come on! Hookers need kisses too.[/quote]


  17. i know this man but it just creates a feeling like im too scared too even try, like im talking to some girl right now and she always wants to hangout but i dont because of this i guess phobia
  18. Okay. Women love vulnerability. It shows a lot of trust to do that. Get a nice girl, tell her your story and she'll ease you through. Girls love to nurture that way.
  19. Some do, others are disgusted that you aren't manly.

    Anywho, dude, kisses vary, some girls go for less mouth and some try to crame their whole face in your mouth. It takes practice like anything else. Find a girl you like that likes you and eventually your kisses will be perfect for her

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