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  1. so i'm a male to start off with. i don't know many males who have issues with blushing, it isn't typically a masculine problem i don't think.

    so i go bright red when i get embarassed. i attribute my lack of social skills to the way i blush and how i try to avoid it at all costs. the feeling of being embarassed and knowing you've gone red is the most terrifying feeling. and if anyone points out that i've gone red i get filled with so much shame and anxiety.

    i've dealt with this since i can remember. i'll avoid talking to people so that i don't risk blushing. it's horrible knowing that i can't hide my emotions. i wish i didn't go red. when you blush easily it means you can't get away with any feelings. it doesn't help with self image when you feel so inferior and weak because i blush so strongly and so easily.

    not looking for a way to stop it because i know i can't, it's just part of who i am. looking for advice on how to deal with it when it happens and not feel so ashamed when it does. simply "not giving a shit" doesn't work for me. because i DO give a shit!
  2. I think I heard anti-anxiety medication will help with blushing but I could be wrong.

  3. I strongly recommend you do not take zombie med-... I mean anti anxiety meds, OP.
  4. i've been on citalopram and zoloft. they did help, hugely. i was a totally different person. but i refuse to attribute my well-being to a drug. not to mention, the withdrawal i experienced from zoloft was the worst thing i have ever experienced.
  5. Just one of those things, man. Every person is embarrassed of something. Hopefully some blades can give you what you need to help you.

    Good luck!
  6. I know that feeling!!! i took zoloft for 2 years straight everyday. about the 3rd day i was off of it i began to feel extreme nausea. I almost puked, i wanted to, but i couldnt. I had to lay in bed feeling horrible the whole day.
  7. omg yea. i thought adjusting to it when i first started taking it was bad enough. remember getting spinning diziness randomly. i've never felt more joy since i was a boy though the first few months being on it. then when i started getting tolerance i was more miserable than ever thinking i was away from all my issues. big crash down man.
  8. it's easier said than done, but just focus on what makes you comfortable n not giving a fuck if you seem nervous. Not caring to look like the rest is your best blessing.

    If girls add rosy cheeks to their make-up or whatever, then i'm sure they'll think its adorable:eek:

    i got rosy cheeks like santa btw.
  9. maybe just laugh it off, if you have a nice smile I think you will be ok
  10. i suppose a woman seeking an honest man would choose a blushing man more than a woman seeking an alpha male. cant get away with shit if you blush!

    you're right though, thinking and worrying makes it worse. so hard to chill though.

    yea man i think i'd look like this

  11. I used to blush all the time, pretty much all the way through high school. I hated it man, definitely know the feeling. Unfortunately, you can't do much other than just trying to not let it bother you. Remember that almost none of the judgements you're making about yourself are actually going through the mind of anyone else.

    If you want an excuse for it next time someone comments on the color of your face, just tell them you have rosacea.

  12. maybe i do have rosacea! i do blush very easily, usually for a reason though
  13. [quote name='"thezool"']

    maybe i do have rosacea! i do blush very easily, usually for a reason though[/quote]

    It's very possible. Even with a reason, rosacea just causes you to blush more easily. So next time someone calls you out on it, just make them feel like a dick for bringing attention to your medical condition, haha.
  14. lol then i'll go more red for making them feel bad! haha nah seriously good advice thanks. ;)
  15. Funny, I too have something like this... except instead of blushing, i sweat... I sweat when im warm, anxious and whenever i realize i am sweating and try to calm down i just sweat more hahaha...
    I dont think there is anything we can do about it op except for fix the things that cause the social anxiety (assuming they are fixable), for example i could lose some weight, but i cant lose my lateral lisp...
    I also take a drug called escitalopram which is just some new variable or citalopram or something like that. I think its a pretty good drug, in comparison to most others, especially fucking effexor...that fucked me up big time and unfortuantely i didnt notice until it was relatively too late.

    Anways, in short, i dont think you can do anything about it, OP, except for accepting yourself for who you are and hopefully that will help? I dont fucking know lol
  16. Yeah I blush all the time too. Whenever I talk to the ladies and am not getting some drank on I can just feel myself turning red. I actually never know how red I actually get, but I know I probably do. I am pretty sure I turn red when I am not even embarrassed. Like I will talk in class, and bam! Red-mode on. I gotta talk a lot in my classes this semester cuz they actually have participation grades..go figure..(college). To help with this, it may just take more people contact. More people you talk to that you are not totally comfortable with, the better it will be and the less uncomfortable you will be. I got a few people who call me out on it all the time and its rather embarrassing, but you know what? It is who your are.

    so just talk to more people, and begin to feel comfortable with who you are. only a few people care that you turn red (the ones that point it out) and they are usually not the coolest folks themselves so it does not matter.

    GL fellow blusher blade. We gotta hold strong!
  17. staying high keeps me from blushing.
  18. I do the same thing man, and yeah it sucks but whatever ya know.
  19. I don't really think it's a big deal if someone blushes, trust me you care more than other people do about it
  20. all i know is bud gave me anxiety and made me feel like shit about myself. I tried some naturally growing unmentionables on saturday though and they changed my life. I plan on doing them more, i suggest you do the same, just keep up good vibes while doin em

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