Fear and Loatihing In LAs Vegas

Discussion in 'General' started by WookiesAreCool, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Well my buddy is gone for the week on a trip with the church fixin up houses (isnt he the golden child). Well when he gets back we are getting some herb, since he cant smoke anything, inlcuind ciggs. we are plannin on rentin fear and loathin in las vegas to celebrate his return. Is that a good movie to watch high? is it a good movie in general? i just wanna hear your opinions.....thanks


  2. Jeffer, have me over. We'll christen the Honda. I say yes to that movie, and yes to having me over. I'll bring some good sensi herb ; ) and R-Dawg can port the vodka.

    (Crowd chants) AMEN BROTHER

    haha ben we are all over that



  4. First off, FLLV is great! simply great. But what do you mean your friend can't smoke, but you plan on getting herb. Are you going to cook it?
  5. one of my favorite movies, check my sig
  6. No. He's at a camp building homes for the less fortunate...or something along those lines. He means that he can't smoke while at camp, so this is his welcome back Par-T. w00t

  7. Oh, I get it, that's sweet! Smoke a few grams and watch f+l!

    edit: just to warn you, you probably won't fully(or maybe even partially) understand what the hell is going on, but you'll easily be able to realize that it's cool.
  8. Yah, my friend is away while im at home, so when he gets back its Party time. does anybody else know any other trippy kinda weird but insanely cool movies like FLLV?


  9. Watch the Matrix.
  10. Try these:
    Donnie Darko
    The Usual Suspects
    im sure theres more, meh

  11. yea it took me a good 3 or 4 times watching it to understand it, the first time i saw it was also my first time doin lsd, and i didnt understand much of anything that was goin on haha, but after u get the point it makes the movie even better.
  12. i heard alot about Donnie Darko, whats that movie about?


  13. Moulin Rouge is fucking nuts.
  14. Ya, FLLV is an amazing movie! The best part is when they're in the elevator and the attorney fake stabs that guy. haha thats some funny shit! I always really laugh at that part.

    Another sweet movie is Being John Malcowitch its pretty trippy, really good movie.

    Old School and Wrongfully Accused are the funniest movies if you like comedy. That and Family Guy episodes.
  15. If your gonna watch Fear and Loathing, rent Where The Buffalo Roam first and watch it. You'll thank me later.

  16. Whats that movie about? Im too lazy to go do a search
  17. Where the Buffalo Roam is basically a movie based on Hunter S. Thompsons life instead of on one event like Fear and Loathing (which actually happened, although the story was probably stretched a little)..... i saw Where the Buffalo Roam after i read a biography on Hunter S. Thompson and alot of the stuff in the movie was talked about in the book... if ur lookin for a good biography to read then as your attorney i would advise you to read "Fear and Loathing: The Strange and Terrible Saga of Hunter S. Thompson"
  18. fear and loathing is a pretty rough movie, but pretty fucking wierd. personally, i rather watch somethin like requiem for a dream or half baked. a good comedy could never go wrong either...
  19. Nothing stands up to the weird and trippy shit thats in FLLV. I was so stoned and drunk when I saw it I need to buy it right away. Problem is can't find the fuckin dvd anywhere. Its a great movie. that and Fight Club is a good one to watch to.

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