fear and loathing

Discussion in 'General' started by dazedandconfusd, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. just finished reading fear and loathing in las vegas a little bit ago. great book, anyone else read it? also does any one know of any other books like it or just any other good books out there?
  2. I've seen the movie a lot, but I heard the book was better. Is this true?

  3. couldnt tell ya, havent seen the movie yet. hopefully i will soon though. but as far as the book goes it was really good, i would deffinitly recommend reading it if you havent
  4. ya the movies not that great ..and it kidna confused me that it had like 2 parts or whatever ..i wanna read the book.

    still good movie ..DEPP ROCKS!

  5. Yeah, the book is awesome. Real easy read, keeps ya interested. Pick it up if you get a chance.
  6. i need to read the book

    and for the people who like the movie or book, theyre doing hunter s thompsons other book Rum Diary, and Depp will be in it. i want to read both those books

  7. Both Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro(sp?) will be in The Rum Diaries. But It's not exactly going to be like Fear and Loathing. It's WAY before the lsd and hallucinagins. As the title says, its basically about him and alcohol.
  8. speakin of fear and loathing, its on IFC tonight (sunday) at 10, i'll definitely be watchin/taping it.

  9. ifc?
  10. i think its Independent Film Channel, if u got dish network its on channel 130 or 131 i'm not sure
  11. damn, i only have cable, only up to channel 70 or something like that. oh well i can get the movie from one of my friends one of these days so its not that bad of a dissapointment
  12. dish's channels start at 100 so dont feel to bad
  13. Sticking with the whole Hunter S. Thompson thing. Anyone ever read Hell's Angels by him? I've always wanted to pick that up, but never have.
  14. If you're into that kind of stuff, maybe give William S. Burroughes a try. I think Naked Lunch is his most popular work.

    It's pretty intense reading, and pretty out there. ymmv :D

    ISBN is 0802132952, btw.

    Seems Thompson's more popular, but having read them I thought people into one would sort of automatically know about the other? Am I tripping out here? :D
  15. The book and video are both great, Hunter S.Thompson is a genius.

  16. not that great?? it's fuggin awesome!
  17. all the educated people i know say books are always better than films.
    i have not had a chance to find that out fully for my self, but ive read hannibal lector books and they are better than the film.
    TRUST ME its alot more scary

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