fear and loathing- the book

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. damn this is a great book! i have the movie and my friend knows i like the drug culture so he bought me this at barns & noble yesterday. i just smoked some fresh owwie gooie home grown and settled in with this book. hilarious! i think its better than the movie. i looove the way hunter s thompson writes. ok back to the book.
  2. usually i hate pretentious dicks that say 'oh the book was better than the movie, in my opinion'. However i can safely say the book was better in this case.
  3. In my experience the book is always superior to the movie, because books have so much more detail and description.

    I just finished reading "Fear and Loathing" last week, it's really a fantastic book, one of my personal favourites.
  4. But is it not also true that a picture says a thousand words?

    But yes, the book is definitely as good or better than the movie in this case. I'll admit though, I heard Johnny Depp's HST in my head when I was reading it.
  5. Indeed, but its rare that many people truely analize what they see so they do not see all thousand words.

    They tend to see the outer shell of the most basic point in the plot. The books has so much more, and really gives the the feel of exactly what the author meant.:)
  6. Yeah, overall I'd say the book is better than the movie but this is one of the rare cases when the movie actually comes pretty close. Mainly because of Johnny Depp's brilliant performance... I don't know how many of you have seen interviews or anything with the real HST (especially in the 70's) but Johnny got his speech and mannerisms dead on. To the point where I sometimes forget which one I'm currently watching... it's scary. Johnny spent a few weeks hanging out with HST to prepare for the role.... Hunter even shaved Johnny's head. Supposedly they're making another HST book, The Rum Diary, into a movie also starring Johnny Depp... should be good.
  7. JWS youre the second perosn this week that had reccomended me to read the book, somethign ive forgottent o do foa looong time. Just got finished reading Valley of the Dolls, I coulndt put it down.

    *Slaps post it note to forehead*

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