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    Just picked FEAR 2 : Project Origin up tonight,
    have been fucking waiting for it for like 3 weeks,
    all the while constantly replaying the demo..
    And it turns out..
    That the game..

    Kicks even more ass than the demo!
    Shit son its pretty sweet, I thought I'd have to replay the demo level again..
    But awesomely enough the game starts out completely differently..with certain aspects of the demo included in the first/second level.

    It is really, really, really fucking gorey.
    I mean the demo was gorey but this is just going to a new level.
    You can shoot explosive canisters on some troops' backs and it will blow the enemy apart, and you can actually see a spinal cord sticking out of their exploded corpse.

    And the hallucinations are already, even early on in the demo, fucking insane.
    One early hallucination involves you while you are being operated on..then these freaky zombie things start tearing and ripping the shit out of you.
    Fun stuff while high, for sure.

    And the gunplay is extremely good of course, with the slow-mo gunslinging being completely addicting.

    If you've played Left4Dead..
    The crazy naked bitch, Alma, is essentially like a Witch who just runs around the level and fucks enemies up at certain points in a very graphic manner.

    Buy it.
    You want it.

  2. Shyt lookz scary as hell, I wanna cop that shyt
  3. I played the demo. Man, that shit scared the shit out of me! I was shooting at some fucking stupid bitch! everytime there is a cut scene or something, I keep pushing the right trigger and it just ends right there. I was like dammit!

    Not getting this game at all. sorry. The guns are bland, walking is just too weird, shooting at some fucking ghost is not my thing.
  4. Fuck yeah dude my kind of game, I love blowing ppl heads off then laughing like a psycho MWUHAHAHAHAHA!:devious:
  5. I'll probably rent it..
    I'm just now putting in the demo

    so we'll see..
    but it looks awesome for sure
  6. The first one was shit compared to FEAR 2.
    The gunplay is so much better.
    All the weapons have good scopes and are ultra high-tech, you can even get a laser and pilot basically a mech.

    The first one was crappy with the Alma hallucinations, it was dumb she would like kill you so easily and set you on fire..
    This one is so much better, she goes around tearing people apart with tentacle things, she has already torn the skin and flesh off a person and left a bloody skeleton on the floor.

    And now when shit like zombies or Alma does attack you, they will get you down in a struggle scene and if you push B for melee you bootfuck them in the head.
    Everything is much gorier.
    On an operating table in the initial hospital level I walked into a room and saw a body on an operating table,
    I jumped ontop of the body and looked down at it, and the guy's chest was ripped open and they included lots of organs being exposed, and his one eye was clamped open with medical tools and he had a pair of scissors in his eye.

    So far..
    I must say..
    The hallucinations definitely make this the trippiest game for Xbox 360, hands down.
  7. I've been replaying the demo, grabbing it tomorrow. I can't say I'm going to love PO more than the original. Logged waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many hours on it. :eek:
  8. you play it on the 360? i've been thinking about picking up a copy for my computer because the original kicked such ass. alma scares the shit out of me though. your likening her to a witch from left4dead was close, but a witch isn't omnipotent. alma can do it all man.

    i have one question for the story though, are you playing from the original character's POV, or another's like in the expansion packs?
  9. EDIT: Yeah I play it on 360.

    Yeah its not that expansion crap,
    You actually get to play as Beckett once again.
    You infiltrate the original complex, you can even go to Alma's bedroom.
    The whole game reveals so much more about the plot,
    And Alma attacks you very intensely..
    The level of gore and intensity completely shames the first FEAR + Expansions.
    I also managed to get a free copy of the promotional book for FEAR2 and it explains the ENTIRE plot which is nice.
  10. so much fuckin better than the first one.
  11. meh, I might have to check it out. I disliked to first one quite a bit. I get tired of fighting in dark buildings and corridors pretty quickly. Although I can say the same for most game mechanics used these days. Nothing but tedium.

    I must be getting old. Solitaire for the win.
  12. I disliked the first FEAR quite a lot,
    I bought the expansion pack only to have it collect dust beside the 360.
    But this one keeps the gaming fresh.
    Crazy slow-mo, insane hallucinations, interesting high-tech weapons, mech armor things (you can use them in online too) and it is just a generally gorey gross game created only to disturb people [especially with the plot revolving around children being cruelly tested on to create telepathic soldiers].
  13. you son of a bitch hahaha i wanna get this game so bad i played the demo and i was amazed didnt really like the 1st one but than again i dont remember it but the demo was awesome especially the end when you get into that robot thing and just destroy the fuck outta everything but than it ends :mad:
  14. Actually you play as Michael Becket. FEAR 2 starts 30 minutes before the first game ends so while the Point Man (the main character from the first) is trying to escape the blast this new character is running around with the Delta Force. It's strange that he has the same slow-mo abilities so maybe he is related to the Point Man or Alma somehow.
  15. yeah i've been reading about the games, and one site speculated on cloning and shit like that.
  16. Just played the demo about 10 minutes ago, not my cup of tea, but have to admit, its not bad. I wish the graphics were a tad more crisp, but not bad.
  17. The ending of the game is really fucking unsatisfying.
    Just thought I'd throw that out there.
    I guess I'll have to wait for FEAR 3 to wrap this plot up..
  18. I played the demo yesterday. Holy crap is all I have to say. If they give a price break, I'd consider it.

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