FDL Book Salon – join in on Saturday afternoon

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  1. FDL Book Salon – join in on Saturday afternoon
    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 8,10,2012

    On Saturday, I will be hosting an online book salon over at FireDogLake.

    The topic is:
    FDL Book Salon: “Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know”

    Authors Mark A.R. Kleiman, Jonathan Caulkins, and Angela Hawken are scheduled to be there and I'll be leading the discussion.

    Saturday, August 11 from 2-4 pm Pacific time, 4-6 pm Central, 5-7 pm Eastern. If you don't have an account at FDL, it wouldn't hurt to head over before then to set one up, so you can participate in the discussion.

    For those expecting fireworks, you probably won't see them from me. It's different when I'm on my own couch at my own blog. Here, I've been graciously invited to visit someone else's place and host (not debate), in order to facilitate a discussion.

    Oh, I'll probably have some pointed questions along with serving up some softballs, but mostly, I'm going to make sure that readers will have a chance to get their questions answered.

    So come over to FDL on Saturday and join in the discussion.

    I will be there with some other couch squatters:smoke:

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