Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. i am totally against the FCC rulings on radio censoring. my stations cant even play Floyd - Money with out gettin a 500,000 fine just because it has the word "shit" in it. what ever happend to freedom of speech, guess we dont get that right anymore, asshole FCC.

    what are everyones views on this.
  2. The freedom of speech is not a liberty of speech. But I think they should be able to play 'money' on the radio, and similar songs with curse words. Just bleep them out of it's too offensive.
  3. well i see what u mean but i dont think half a million is a fair fine for a radio sation to pay just for a word
  4. I wonder if they censor the words on Satallite Radio. you have to pay a subscription for it, and I sure as hell wouldn't pay for it if all the songs were also censored. I think it's stupid. It's a word in a song, and people get offended.. :smoke:
  5. you have to remember that words being the most promenent way to comunicate means that words have soo much meaning, and you can take offense to a word, you have to respect others as well.

    i swear alot, too much really.

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