Fc Barcelona Vs Real Madrid

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  1. Which do you think is better? I feel barcelona because they have a better team structure rather than all relying on one or two players (*cough,cough*) bale ronaldo to do everything. But i do also feel like neymar has turned to shit since joining barcelona. What are your thoughtS?

  2. Luis Suarez now plays for barca, for that reason I prefer Madrid, every day of the week!

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  3. I don't think Neymar has ever been a particularly good player. He also has a history of diving... and for that alone I don't respect him as a player or a person. He scores tap-in goals for Barcelona where other, more talented, players do the hard work for him. Barcelona already had an amazing combination of talent up front without him anyway. Iniesta, Messi, Pedro, Villa, Xavi. There was never any need for Neymar. Suarez, on the other hand, was a player worth buying. Sure, he's a complete lunatic, but he is a player that has it all - passing, dribbling, play-making.     
    Cristiano Ronaldo is a talented player but he is one of the most prolific divers who I have seen play football. Those who say he doesn't dive while playing for Madrid need to open their eyes. His diving is a disgrace to the sport. He is the main reason why I've never supported Real Madrid. Other players like Bale and (especially) Benzema deserve far more credit than he.
    Currently, both teams are pretty damn good. I find it hard to decide which one is better. I don't really support either team though because it annoys me to see teams like this monopolizing professional football for so long. Both teams have too many of the best players, and it just isn't fair. 
    Absolute rubish critque of Neymar, you must have had zero contact with Neymar pre Barca/World Cup '14.  Neymar has had a reputation for diving given to him by writers who HATE the Brazilian game.  The game of Futbol in Brazil is very different than other markets, "Diving" is part of the game in Brazil.  English fans hate the Dive sure, American fans simply dont understand the nuances of the professional game YET.  Neymar has adjusted to La LIGA well and has earned the respect of the officials, coaches and players of the league.  For the record, Simulation is very much a part of the Spanish game as well, you may not like the Spanish game but I'd be careful knocking specific players, specifically world class players like Neymar.  Neymar is considered to be in the top 10 players in the world based on FIFA rankings, that doesn't happen to players that were never  a "particularly good player" that scores "tap-ins" while the players behind him do the hard work.  It's a foolish critique when you look at the stats over his entire career to date. 
    Something tells me you are a fan of British soccer.  Take a look at what that little punk Nasri did to Neymar last night as Man City (and the ENTIRE English Premiere League) checked out of the Champions league last night.  
    As for Barca and Real Madrid yes they are the two best teams in Spain, but to say it's a monopoly on professional football is a bit much.  The two teams have won the Champions league a total of 5 times since 2000.  Sure it's a fantastic run but far from a monopoly on all of professional football, specifically Real.  They have won the Champs league once with CR-7.   Personally I cant stand Ronaldo, but not because he dives, which he's not really acused of by most football fans since he left MUFC. I cant stand him because he built his own Museum to celebrate himself, he left MUFC and my wife thinks he's hot.  That being said he's World Class in ways many the top English players wish they were, i.e. Rooney.  You will never see a cigarette in CR7's mouth on vacation I guarantee it! 
    Stop hating on the Spanish teams my friend, take the opportunity to watch two of the greatest players to ever play the game this Sunday.  We are all lucky to be alive and watching Messi vs Ronaldo.  And in the interest of full disclosure......¡Força Barça!
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