FB-Getting Girls To Message You Back. -Works for The Conceited Ones.-

Discussion in 'General' started by Sinuzzx, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. The (Stupid/Funny/Good/Sneaky) way of gettn girls to message you back...

    For Me I call them ugly first.. i swear to god it works. they
    cant stand being insulted by a guy like that and their not used to
    being disrespected....

    since 99% of dudes, always compliment them to seem
    nice and shit, So Go Ahead and be that 1% and Try to bee different, for example by calling them ugly. They Trip, Their Not Used to Being Called Ugly. Lol --Try to Find out More Ways That Work.
    Know you need to figure out how to proceed after breaking the ice.
    Try to be Funny, once you cool everything down, she migth keep talking to you afterwards.. idk man its kinda stupid but ive been doing it in my trolling account. :smoke:
    This is Weird I know But I Just Recently Started noticing how Self centered, and attention seeking girls are in my generation.. Idk If anyone else can relate to this but yeah.
    Peace Im Bout To Smoke.:devious::smoke:
  2. are these girls actually ugly? are they retarded? do they have issues? If I did that to any attractive chick of sane mind they'd probably block me or get really fucking pissed and stop talking to me for awhile.
  3. Uh it's a well known fact that girls like assholes.
  4. they are blinded by fucking conceitedness Yah Know? Their the Type of Girls That Live Off Facebook.. the ones that get almost 10000 likes.. lol know what i mean?
  5. Yeah Basically Being An Asshoe to themm..
  6. I'm sure they exist; I just haven't used facebook in the longest time lol

    Have you done this in real life?

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