Favre Retires... again

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by XVIPimp, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I don't think there's a lot of Favre fans on the forum, and I'm sure y'all already heard the news by now.

    I wanted to make this topic, because Brett's pretty much the last great player to retire, that I watched growing up. End of an era for me.

    I never liked Favre when I was younger... I was a Rice/49ers fan and there was many times he beat us, or another team I was routing for. It wasn't until his latter years that I gained a respect, and appreciation for being able to have watched him play.

    Best QB ever ?
  2. No.

    Not even close.

    Maybe 4 or 5 years ago before he started playing this "retirement game" bullshit.
  3. There should be a "favre rule" making it that when you announce retirement, you can never come back, so this game that favre played with the packers, the NFL and its fans cant happen again.

  4. In that case, shouldn't we call it the Jordan rule ?

    I'm not mad at Brett for wanting to come back and play another season, even if it ended up being for a team other than the Packers. To me it just shows he has a lot of passion for the game, and if he was physically capable, I'm sure he would keep playing. I don't blame the Pack for not letting him come back though, that's for sure.

    I really hope this thread don't turn into that discussion though.
  5. The best ever, no, in my top 5? Yes. Brett Favre, despite being disliked by many, was a great QB no denying that.
  6. Brett sold out man, should have retired with Green Bay Packers. All I'm saying is that I have no respect left for the man, I'l admit he was one of the greatest qb's in last 25 years but I do not respect him. SHOLD HAVE RETIRED WITH GBP FUCKWAD!

  7. Yeah I guess thats my bad eh... sorry lol.
  8. Fuckin' right. Rice was my favorite player growing up.

    As for Brett, I have nothing against him, but I can't stand the way the media, more specifically ESPN, just basically blows the guy 24/7. I guess that's what a 24/7 sports channel does, but some of their analysts have their nose so far up Brett's ass that they forget how to perceive correctly when analyzing a game. Mike Golic in particular.
  9. Favre is a legend. But the way he made his exit is not the way a legend should exit the game.

  10. But sadly the way many do.
  11. bret favre... just typing that discusts me. fuck that old ass mother fucker.

    he cost us our season last year :mad:
  12. I expect Farve to retire 3 more times in his career

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