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Chronic Pain Favourite weed for morning and afternoon tokes

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Grandsouls, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. I started smoking due to sleep issues and bodily aches. Proven to be extremely effective for aches and pain I like to toke during the day and helps dramatically with vertigo and back pain in the morning but rare to find any good sativa dominant strains around here, and it's hard smoking this heavy indica in the morning and actually being productive. So it's up to me lol, I'm looking to grow a few for the mornings, so looking for everyone's favourite morning strains and if you've grown sativa a good one for indoors if you have that experience.
    Thanks all!!

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  2. Harlequin, sour diesel, chocolope or cinex are my go to for sativas. I also have different strains for different times of the day harlequin from 4 am to 2 pm cinex from 2 to 5 pm GDP or hash plant from 6 to 9 pm.
  3. Great answer and told be strains I don't know about, excluding the SD for sativas.
  4. Yea haliquin is an amazing strain high cbd in oil 2% thc 68% cbd clear headed takes care off all my pain and anxiety at work helps me focus. If you haven't tried it I'd search for it. Cinex is great as well very focused not overwhelming at all body feels very relaxed. Chocolope for ME is better that sour diesel relaxed focused social. All the things I look for in a sativa. GDP is my night time strain 3 bong hits 1 hour before bed and I fall asleep natuarally And stay asleep. I look for 3 things in a strain Pain relief ability to focus and anti anxiety these strains work for me.
  5. I'm also looking to grow some meds 1st time. Working on my box now about to wrap it in reflective material

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  6. Very nice brother, I will definetly look into that strain. I LOOOOOOVE Heavy indicas for night or after work, I am a cook so it's gogogogogo!!! For hrs it's nice to have something when you get home heavy to kinda knock you down a couple notches, like what you mentioned hash plant just finished growing it best sleeping meds ever an a hardy forgiving plant. And the problem is tons of strains I found make me sleepy and lethargic even some of the well known sativas that people recommend but it's always "street" so who knows how log they let flower etc .. but I've for last year really needed it in the mornings from pain but so hard to function after
    Cheers thank you
    Are you gonna do a journal what lighting you gonna use / how big is the box ?
  7. And sorry do you mean to say harlequin?

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  8. Box is 4 ft tall 2.5 ft squared plan on vegging with cfl bout 300 watts then switch to 600w led. Probually do 2 plants at a time. I'm thinking of doing shark shock and sour bubba I've got lots of seeds my plan is to grow a strain for work nights and one for weekends hoping I can get 1.5 to 2 ounces a grow I figure grow 6 months out of the year.
  9. Yea
  10. Sounds good to me man but be careful with a high led in that short of distance with burning the plants as well as heat management. My bud keeps his 600 leds a good 2 ft away from his plants.

    Also I think a 300w led would be pleeeenty in a 2.5sq ft my bud uses 2 600 watt leds for 8x4 tent
  11. Yea I was thinkin maybe a hps tube if led doesn't work out 250w. It's all up in the air 1st time for me waiting till mid sept to start due to hot weather
  12. Yah man I would def just stick with a 250 watt hps that will do the trick perfect in that set up imo. Or a 250 led, and be careful wit cfls there known for being cool until you stick 200+ watts in a box and you really understand how much heat they produce.
    I'd just go 250w hps cool tube from seed to finish
  13. Oh yea. I need to do my homework. My original plan was a closet 7 ft tall 4 ft wide 1.5 ft depth but, my wife wasn't going for it so moved it to the garage. if all goes well I get to use the closet down the road, main thing is odor for the wife. Compromise in marriage. She doesn't smoke.I smoke for pain which turns to depression and anxiety in my she's cool with the idea of me growing just under her terms for now.
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    Awh Man U gotta get her tokin, do you have a basement? I just run carbon filters in my furnace as well a stationary carbon scrubber down there, and no one knows I even had parents over for dinner not a clue (. Very clean Christian people bla bla bla )
    It's so cool down there I just free hang lamps from posts in a corner and have sheets sectioning it off
    In the winter I will need to run a small heater though
    I'm lucky my gf excited when I grow weeoo save money on weed!!! :,D
  15. Lol yea not her she's deep into her career doesn't even drink. But believes in the benefits of marijuana and she saw 1st hand what condition I was in after surgery and accident. What strains have you grown.
  16. Oh nice nice, well that's great man good for her! Focused and smart hard to come by girls like that these days.
    I'd probably end up murderin someone without weed in my life with my career lol.... go all chef Ramsey on all the idiots ass's in my kitchen
    I just have exp with hashplant my buddy gave me a jar of thousands of them for a present many moons ago.. yet to buy new strains as I've just began growing.. and the one clone my buddy gave me this last grow some kind of haze..
    I love hashplant though tbh it's a 85% perfect strain excluding those functional morning tokes i need now the other 15%.. taste strain structure for growing durability yield super easy to clone.. and of course it's effects.
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    Rare Dankness Ghost Train Haze #1 is a good pick me up sativa dominant strain. Smells like lemon pine cleaner and fuel. Christmas tree shaped buds that are whited out with crystals.

    LEDs will work well if you get higher quality lights. For my small 2' x 2.5' footprint grow I used a 300w total (100 3W LEDs) with an actual power draw of 185. That gave me 4 oz of dried nuggets. You could probably get a couple oz more with 600 W in your space.

    Burmese Kush grown under 300 W LED.
  18. Nice man I wanna grow hash plant or Hindu Kush I prefer indicas or high cbd they bring me down to a functioning level. Instead of being in over drive all the time my thoughts are usually so scattered that I can't keep them strait. Indicas make me feel "normal"
  19. Wow amazing I'd love to harvest 4 ounces.

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