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Favourite ways to smoke your bud ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TorontoStoned, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Leave a post to this thread, on your fav ways to smoke your bud, fav pieces and the atmosphere, and who you do it with.

    My favourite way is to do it with 2 other close friends, in the forest at night time which is in his backyard, either using my glass pipe or just rolling a nice fat joint. We go chill in his basement and just have an amazing time at night. :smoke:

    I'm just interested on how others enjoy smoking they're weed.
  2. Anyway I can to smoke weed!
  3. This is a common thread. But my list goes as follows: Bongs>blunts>pipes>joints I like smoking with my close friends especially at night outside. It makes you appreciate nature a little more.
  4. Favorite so far is two or 3 friends in the woods with a pinner blunt, or a packed sedan cruising through the city with two fatties in rotation. Hell yeah.
  5. Vaping and joints are probably my two favorite methods, followed by bongs, then bubblers, then pipes. My least favorite method is a blunt. I like smoking by myself or with a small group of close friends.
  6. Bong or joint
  7. Ripping a bong in my room blowin Os with the fan off :smoke:
  8. But now that I think about it, Like I said I do love every way to smoke bud. But I do enjoy Joints and Blunts and My Pipe. I still gotta try a bong and a Vape some day.
  9. Method is blunt. With 1-3 of my friends. Cruising through downtown ATL blasting some Wayne. Time of day is right around sunset or like 5-8 pm. I also like the nature scene too. One of my favorite places was when we would go to the top of the parking garage and burn down and watch the sunset. We would usually blaze with the security guard but now there's a new one so we can't go there anymore.
  10. Ahaa, i imagine everyone loves to smoke bud any way they can, but thats why i'm just wondering peoples favourites and where and who with :smoke:

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