Favourite ways to kick back with the Herb..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MANIC-MAID3N, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Well guys, I am in the middle of having a bowl to my dome, and I must say. One of my favourite ways to enjoy this wonderful product is to sit in my room, hit it slowly...Like..Take a hit, jam to a song or two, then take another hit and so on,.
  2. I like to get blazed with my laptop on lap chillin on here and watchin tv...

    I like chilling in my room with chilled tunes playin, slowly hitting a bong...

    I like chillin outside on a comfy chair, trampoline, hamecks, or wateves and just watchin the clouds go bye or lookin out at the sea..

    I love chillin with my pets, wether its my cat or my dog... Im about to start hand taming a baby budgerie gard...
  3. Laying in my bed listening to music.

    My whole life I have memories of listening to music and laying in bed, thinking about my life. I love to get ripped and think of past good times, mostly with my highschool and military friends.

  4. high high school memories FTW
  5. Sitting on my balcony, just enjoying the view. Of course listening to some tunes at the same time :smoke:
  6. My couch, feet up on table, tv in front, laptop on lap, ripping the bong or piece, and having a snack ready!
  7. Walking home from shcool. Haha. that's the sickest. just did that now with one of those cig bat onehitters. I love diesel.
  8. I love finding new places to smoke, sketch or not. I love ripping the bong for hours on end with friends. I LOVE smoking at night!!!

  9. being in the comfort of your own home ftw.
  10. Chillin at someones house without having to worry about anything.

  11. Best way.
  12. i like sitting in a circle in at this one friend of mines house on the rug and passing around the bongs and blunts all night... chillen with a bunch of friends smokin an laughin talking about crazy things while jamming to some good tunes... nothing better if you ask me...
  13. i love blazing at night, laying on my bed with my laptop and the tv on listening to music and browsing GC of course.
    most relaxing part of my day:smoke:

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