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Favourite strain

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Grannys greens, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. What is your favourite strain ? Looking to buy some fem seeds online but am having issues . I can't make up my mind what to try . Way to many choices . I am looking for a high thc content , couch lock ,chip eating kinda weed lol . Indoor in soil under 6 feet preferred . High yield would be nice , but quality over quantity . I have some train wreck and an unknown strain right now .. i think my faourite is ak 47 but that could change . Thanks for the opinions .
  2. I love wonder woman. LOVE it.
    I haven't grown it, so I have no idea how that goes.
    It has a great light green colour, a VERY unique and maybe the most pleasant floral marijuana smells ever.
    Also has about the most well balanced high I have experienced yet.

    I also really like anything related to grape god, or bubblegum.
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  3. Bubblegum is on my short list
  4. Honestly anytime I can find a real potent batch of white widow, that’s my shit.

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  5. Death Star, Legal Eagle, Meg Landrace, Any cookies!
  6. Right now Durban Poison and Pie Hoe.
  7. Top of my fav strains this year:
    1. Grandmommy Purple (Herbies Seeds) - discovery of the year, decent yield;
    2. Mimosa EVO (Barney's Farm) - i'd been dreaming about this strain for many years and tried it finally for the first time, admired the colors
    3. Green Punch (RQS) - grew pretty fast
  8. Godfather OG
  9. Blue Dream. A great strain in and of itself and a classic. Sentimental to me though since it's the first strain I got high off of. Damn, I need to get some of that next time I'm in a legal state.

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  10. Super Silver Haze (Nirvana Seeds)
  11. Blueberry or any blueberry cross.
  12. I’m with Reno, white widow is my all time favorite. I haven’t gotten to grow any in a long time. It’s on my list for the next run. Im waiting to get some good WW seeds

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