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Favourite paper and or tip (crutch/roach)

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by maxsilk, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. So I'm very curious on skokers fafourite paper I know everyone has one I inow its a well overused question but i wanna know as I'm in Amsterdam until next weekend. Mine is 100 percent raw 1 1/4 and raw tips seseriously smoked a juicy j las5 week and tastes almost as bad as it rolls.
  2. Snoop Doggs
    I don't really care much about what I use for roach.

    Christmas card or roach book, it's all good.

  3. Jobs 1.5's, sometimes zig zags but they usually rip on me.
  4. Bob Marleys king size papers
  5. Acctually any good?

  6. Me and my friends all like them, a few of them still smoke rizla blue/silver and raw but I've taken to full time snoops.

    Friend got me 250 of these grassleaf transparent things too, they taste of nothing and have no smell burning which is kind of nice but the ingredient list is a bit nonsensical and even though it has to follow EU regulations, I don't know wtf they are.

  7. My favorite paper and filter tip are both made by Raw :)

    I also like Bob Marley papers, Job french whites, Juicy Jay papers.
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  9. I like OCB X-perts because there a really nice slim paper that leaves next to zero excessive paper.

    Also i like Elements now and again to change things up
    And as for roach.. Whatevers thin, cardboard and rolls nice
  10. i like raws and elements (same company i recently found out) although i wish raw had a better natural glue on their paper, it sometimes has a hard time sticking for me but i can usually manage. They just taste soooo good haha
  11. Any "brand name" hemp paper, and whatever business card I have to cut up at that time.
  12. Juicy jay hurn shit I always think canoes at the glue.
  13. Are they really?

    I'm kind of in an experimental stage in my stoner life and have been trying out different mediums of rolling and I have decided that my favorite so far are Elements King Size and the Element tips. I love the Connoisseur pack of papers + tips.

  14. Mine burn slow and don't canoe.. Maybe you're not rolling it well enough? No offense, haha
  15. Watch it when you smoke the glue in hems shit ts mainly the tastw tbh taste thick.
  16. I use RAW papers and RAW pre rolled filters but usually when i dont have the pre rolled filters i just use a business card.... One of my LHS jas business cards that rip off into perfect one ! (Rock Universe is my lhs for you ontario tokers! )
  17. Orange zig-zags. I still prefer those over any other paper.
  18. I like RAW papers and roaches.
  19. Bumpin three 6 . Roll up 20 Zig-Zags with 1 zip
  20. Raw all the way

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