Favourite naughty word... *oooh*

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by D9_THC, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. Awsome thread...lmao I have to say my favorite is "fuck hole" or "cuntplug" sometimes I use "TAMP" as a referance to a mean pissy woman....lol
  2. i'm fucking irish... i think we are genetically programmed to say fuck ALOT :p
  3. Fuckin' right!
  4. ******, if thats even considered 'naughty'

    edit: my word is so naughty they blocked it, n1gg3r is my secret word
  5. Definetly fuck. Mostly used as "what the FUCK!/?"
  6. here is the back storie my 11 year old son goes to the same school as I did and yesterday he tells me that a kid called him penis wrinkle,that name has been used for ...lets see 12 years passed on at that school for generations but fav. right now is chuckle fuck(meaning is loosly fuckin idiot)

    your kid's name is Jonas?

    that's my name!

    that's fuckin' crazy!

    And yes, i'd have to agree with all those who said fuck.
    But i like making my own combo swear words.
    Such as:
    Jesus fuck!

    you can mess with the intonation and accentuation on "jesus fuck" to change how it comes off a bit. it's a fun one because people never see "Jesus fuck" coming.
  8. Jesustits.



    And I have a cat named ******. It's a fun word, it just... Offends too many people. They take it as a racial slur (Well, it has been used that way for the past three, four hundred years?) when I mean it as simply, a lazy, worthless fuck. Black, white, brown, tan, green or blue. ******, to me, sees no color.
  9. I like sticking two swaer words together to make a new one, like Shitfuck.

    Or just rambling on spouting obscenities...
    You goddamn mother fucking shit-eating son of a bitch! Ass dick shit shit! Fuck!
  10. I have to say "fuck" takes the cake. whether your pissed off or relaxed, whatever the occasion. not only does it fit many occasions, but its like the power of the word shifts from the lips to the back of the mouth. The good old fuck word has always been there for me.

    F- fornicate
    U- under
    C- (the) consent
    K- (of the) king

    ^if anyone ever wondered where the word fuck came from, people would ask the british king if they could fornicate under the consent of the king, due to overpopulation
  11. Fuck isn't my favorite, but definitly the most used lol. I'd have to say cunt is my favorite word, just because of how it can be used in many ways......

    *Fuck you, you fucking monkey cunt!!*

    Yea, it works :D
  12. you silly fucking cunts....lol

    i also love "fuck her, fuck her brains out" from Animal House
  13. Shpadoinkle.
  14. Bitch. I say it non stop. i deal w/my ex and a lot of not so smart women.

    Cunt would be my fav though.

    "Yot cunt bitch. get a life you punk citch." yeah, i still have feelings for her. lol

    this is 1 bitch of a thread to. got me lol.
  15. UMM LETS SEE FUCK! this also reminds me from the simpsons...If you're happy and you know it say a swear, bart; boobs, millhouse: fart, ralph: hiney, lol.
  16. Fuckernutter . . . Fucking + Nuts
    Team Killing Fucktard . . . RvB
  17. :hello:

    What you do not scream after those two hot Swedish chix you just passed.

    -FITTA! Yes you guessed but we dont bleep our tv-shows so theres no big thing

    if its saíd even in kids-shows...so what...you should list your 'embarrasing'

    words-let say the top 100 and at the same day if possible let all third graders get
    them and then wait for the BIG GIGGLE. After that you coiuld chill on the subject.
    Think about those poor bastard putting the BLEEPS in.

    To work 'in the biz' but as a language hunter and being as such forced to

    watch everything. When you come home to rest you have a mental BLEEP in

    your and to watch tv at home wont be a happy dance,.

    But if you shout FITTA:eek: after the girls you wont get any.
  18. ******noodle is my favorite
  19. i have a phrase. i got it from the boondox the cartoon on adult swim. i belive uncle rukus says it in one of the episodes. but its "DEEZZZ NUTTTTSSSSS NUGGGGAAAAAAAA!!!!" i say it all the time but im white so people just look at me and say wtf.

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