Favourite naughty word... *oooh*

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by D9_THC, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. fuck <3 i hate the words twat or cunt =/ idk why there jus disrespectful idk sounds bad lol
  2. Vagina.

    It's just such a fun word to say

    vagina vagina vagina vagina!
  3. penis wrinkle lol
  4. Either shit (just because of those moments that require a really long drawn out 'shhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttt man...') or whorebag. Fuck doesn't even seem like a naughty word to me anymore, I look at it in the tradition of Spongebob... just a sentence enhancer.

  5. I always use Va-Jay Jay instead of Pussy, I kinda hate that word.
  6. 1st - FUCK
    2nd - WANKER
    3rd - BOLLOCKS

    (although the final one is apparently not an offensive word - it is the way I use it though! - lol)
  7. Lord thundering jesus boy.
  8. fuck, shit, whore, mecrob, tool

  9. Whoa..whats the supposed to mean? trying to assume something?
  10. cum bucket, cum dumpster
  11. Ass-hat or Fuck-hat
  12. My favorites:

    Slunt (slut + cunt)
    Sphincter Drip
  13. fuck you
    fuck me
    fuck tom
    fuck mary
    fuck gus
    fuck darius

    fuck the west coast and fuck everybody in the east
    eat shit and die or fuck off at least
    fuck preschoolers
    fuck rulers
    fuck kings and queens and gold jewlers
    fuck wine coolers
    fuck chickens
    fuck ducks
    everybody in your crews sucks, punk mother fucks
    fuck critics
    fuck your reveiw even if you like me FUCK YOU
    fuck your mom
    fuck your moms moma
    fuck the beastie boys and the dollie lama
    fuck the rainforest
    fuck forest gump, he probably liked it in the rump
    fuck a shoe pump

    fuck off fate
    and fuck off fifty states ooo and fuck you

    fuck your girlfriend i probably did already
    fuck kyle and his brother tom petty

    fuck the president
    fuck your welfair
    fuck the government
    and fuck fred bear
    fuck nudget you like to hunt alot so fuckin what
    fuck disco, count a monty crisco
    fuck sissco and jack & jerry brissco
    fuck every one that went down in the titanic,in a panic

    (courtesy of I.C.P :)

  14. cum guzzling gutter slut
  15. mine is Douche Nosel. (creative I know)

    When i'm mad at someone I might say something like "Shut up, you fucking Douche Nosel!"

    or if i'm mad and lazy, just "Shut it Douch Nosel"

    or if mad, lazy, and high, "Douche".

  16. -bizzump like it never lost a step

    my favorite is gay. not gay as in homosexual though, gay as in lame.

    +1 sarah silverman.
  17. I love them all! But I usually use these words and phrases

    Fuck my ass
    Fuck me
    Fuck you
    Suck my dick

    and lots more but im too tired

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