Favourite naughty word... *oooh*

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by D9_THC, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. though it isnt naughty, its a funny word:


    ha, funny word
  2. Yeah, you'd never hear an American say "Fuck off you cunt" or "You wanker piece of shit"....

    wickedsticks :D
  3. Fuck'em favorite word..

    Fuck'em and feed'em fish heads.. Favorite phrase
  4. acctualy in ny people say cunt alot...

    as in fuck off you bloody fucking cunt rag

    eat my cunt

    fuck you cunt!
  5. Yeah, but they don't say "Fuck off you piece of shit!" in a cockney accent do they :p

    No no no.... that's where America falls behind England.... they don't have cockneys. The best they can do is Italian mafia bosses. But they have guns. Cockneys have boards with nails in them.

    Cockney Man1 "I'm gonna fuckin' clout you!"

    Cockney Man2 "Sod off, yer stupid cunt."

    Cockney Man1 "Oi! What the fuck did you call me?"*smash*


    "Fuckin' cunt."
  6. we may not have cockneys ...but we do have a plethara of dielect!

    and unless you are a master interperter....you can not understand each other anyway!
  8. We can understand eachother fine :D

    Even the northern *coughmonkeyscough*.
  9. i use bitch, bitchass, shiiiiit, mutherfucker, cocksucker and fuck all the time...

    favorite phrase...fuck it...
    most often used phrase...fuck that guy!


  10. I've taken a liking to the word TWAT recently.

    You twat.....

    Fucking twat.

  11. fuck, fuck, fuck a duck
    screw a kangaroo
    gang bang an orangatang (sp?)
    orgy in the zoo

    hehe... that is my favorite song
  12. You forgot...

    Haul or Fuck yer mudda CUNT

    I had some more but fogot them.. Oh well... I'll remember later.

    For those who speak Spanish or has a Spanish speaking gf...

    Coño Papi, tu si estas Rico....Papacito. ;)
  13. no mames. now all i wanna say is stop fucking cussing

  14. I think what you meant to say was Chocha, not “Choncha”… get it right babe… you can turn off any chick's percolator by saying it wrong. :biglaugh:

    Listen to Missy Elliot's new song and you'll hear her say it right… she need to shave her CHOCHA! :grin:
  16. I use "fuck" a lot, it just sounds right in a variety of situations, lol. But let's remember the wisdom of Krusty the Klown when he said, "The future of humor isn't in dirty words, it's in words that sound dirty, like mukluk, hoohoo ha ha ha"
  17. It bothers my boyfriend when I say cunt so I do it just to piss him off ;) alot *lol*

    I love cockney accents they're fun.

    East coast accents are the hottest though
  18. RIM



    though i so rarely get an oppertunity to use it.

    just kidding.
  19. Fucken shit dude!!
  20. At the risk of being a fucking trend-follower, I fucking like fuck too.

    The worst insult I ever used was a couple years ago when I said to my roommate, "Don't be such an ass...", then started to think of an insult that started with ass. Assmaster? Asshole? Assface? In the end, I picked "ass".

    The whole thing read, "Don't be such an ass.....ass."

    He replied, "Did you just call me an ass ass?"

    Me: "You're damn right."

    True story. :D

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