Favourite Names For Weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntLord, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. Mine's Wacky Bacci
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  2. XD That is a good one. I myself like wacky weed.
  3. Loud dro

    But seriously I like calling it cannabis nowadays. I still use bud, flowers, indo, weed.
  4. "rainbow dragon inducing devil lettuce" usually does it.
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  5. When I'm talking to non stoners or trying to be an advocate, i call it cannabis. But with my pals, i call it pot
  6. Mary jewana

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  7. the stuff you put in bags and interesting people give it to you after using slang words
  8. Carl
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  9. Alaskan Thunderfuck
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  10. That's the strain I have atm.
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  12. Hippie shit
    Fuzzy Nugs
  13. Ganja or herb are my go to slang words for cannabis.

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  14. CHRONicles of Narnia
  15. Bud. Weed. Herb.

    Flower. Dank. Sticky
  16. Or we call it Bird Food as a code name. Let's buy some bird food (lets buy some weed). Let's go give the birds the food (lets go smoke) etc
  17. weed cannabis

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